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Pray for Jorge and Hermelinda Damasceno sharing Christ with immigrants in Great Britain.

February 8, 2017

Jorge and Mel are serving in the United Kingdom as jointly appointed missionaries of International Ministries and JAMI, the cross-cultural mission agency of the National Baptist Convention (CBN) in Brazil.

They write: Dear brothers, the Lord continues to do great things in our midst, praise his name forever! In our last letter, we shared with you that we would probably be moving out of Dereham. The Lord was already telling us that our time in Dereham was ending, they were 10 blessed years. During this time the Portuguesespeaking church continued to grow and the English church has grown as well, especially in terms of mission.

On January 1, 2017, we began a new ministry among Portuguese speakers in a town called Great Yarmouth, in the East of the country. In fact, we founded this church, 10 years ago along with the church in Dereham, and two others more. After 3 years we had planted this church, we moved on and left the church in care of another minister because it was too heavy for us to lead more than 2 churches at the same time.

To summarize, the minister at Great Yarmouth left the church just at the time when God told us to move from Dereham. So, the Lord has placed in our hearts the desire to continue this project in Great Yarmouth. We are very happy with this new challenge. The congregation is made up of 90% of people who come from Portuguese speaking countries in Africa. They are excited and thirsting for God. During this ministry, we will be investing heavily in discipleship, leadership formation, and evangelism.

There are many challenges, although they live in England the culture is totally African, some still with their origin beliefs ... but God has sent us to look after them and minister his word and here we go. We have always had the desire to go to Africa as missionaries, our hearts always burned for them, so God sent Africa to us! SEE WHAT GOD DOES!

Another ministry that God has entrusted to us is the running of an NGO we founded here in the UK to deliver medical aid in countries of extreme poverty in Africa. So, we founded an NGO called Health Amplifier ( At the moment we have built a clinic in Kikavu - Tanzania, which attends about ten thousand people. In our next report, we will be talking in more detail about this project.

EUROPE NEEDS JESUS We believe the immigrants are here on this land to make a difference, the English come to our church and stay in the service and do not know how to speak a word in Portuguese, sometimes we have translations, but often not. They say they feel great joy when they are with us. We once asked, but you do not speak Portuguese, you do not understand what is preached. Then he told us: I did not need to know Portuguese to feel the presence of God and to know that He is here with you.

Let us continue to pray for this country, so that God uses us here not only to reach out to the immigrants, but also to reach to this rich and generous people that need a revival from heaven!


• For the salvation over this nation.

• For the town of Great Yarmouth (There are many African children living on the streets by choice)

• May God give us wisdom to work with the people he sent us

• We continue to ask for prayers for our children, Vinícius is in Barcelona – Spain doing his college internship, please pray for protection. 

• For Isabelle, our daughter. She is in college doing psychology. The college is very close to where we live (:

• Please pray for our family members in Brazil. May the Lord bless you and thank you for everything!