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Pray for Ann and Bill Clemmer serving Christ by meeting the needs of the people of South Sudan in health care and education.

February 22, 2017

Bill and Ann serve in South Sudan, one of the world’s neediest nations. Bill’s work includes training South Sudanese health care workers and establishing health centers. Ann is involved in literacy and helped establish a Christian school in the nation’s capital.

In September Bill wrote of South Sudan, “A long awaited peace treaty signed in the spring of 2016 fell apart just last month when warring factions, brought together in the capital city of Juba to forge a new peace, failed in that quest and catapulted the country once more into chaos, destruction, and death. The country is again divided and in a state of turmoil and conflict.”

Ann recently writes: Bill was called to go to Juba, South Sudan to meet an urgent need yesterday.  After preaching at HEAL Africa chapel this morning, he crossed the border into Rwanda and made the 3+ hour drive to Kigali, where he boarded a flight to South Sudan.  As much as I would have loved to accompany him and support our work there, I was unable to go due to other obligations in Congo.

In Goma (Democratic Republic of the Congo) that same day:

“Less than five minutes ago at a roundabout in town police fired three rounds of tear gas against vendors they evicted.”  There were a lot of police in riot gear around town.  People are on edge because it is reported that the M23 rebel militia group is rumored to be outside of Goma and arming themselves …
…on a brighter note, the threat level of our local volcano, Mt. Nyiragongo, has dropped from orange to yellow due to the lowering of temperatures of the underground lava rivers.

That same day, I taught at the Tuungane School (for orphans and street kids).  We talked about St. Valentine, Valentine’s Day, and that God is Love. The kids made valentines… many of them had never held a pair of scissors so it was a challenge, but with great results and so much fun!

Later that afternoon found me teaching ESL classes. I think those adults had even more fun than the kids making Valentines (and teasing the one single guy who stayed extra time so he could make eight cards).

Bill and I are thankful for a loving God who cares for us and knows all that goes on around us and who gives us the privilege to serve others in His name. We love doing what we have been called to do, and we appreciate being strengthened by partnerships with you in this work in Eastern Congo and South Sudan.