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Pray for Jill and Mike Lowery assisting churches, training leaders and reaching out to at risk women and children in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

May 10, 2017

Jill and Mike work with the Congolese Baptist Community (CBCO), continuing the efforts American Baptists began in the Democratic Republic of Congo more than a century ago. Mike is an administrator and a professor at the Pastor’s Institute in Kikongo. He works to equip leaders for ministry in rural churches in the Bandundu region of Congo. Mike is also currently serving as pastor of the International Protestant Church of Kinshasa. Jill works with the National Women’s Office of CBCO in ministries reaching out to unwed mothers and young women who are at risk to prostitution. The Lowery’s goal is to provide a spiritual foundation, as well as job training, that would empower their young women to move on to a better life.

They are also assisting in the running and expansion of a primary school in Kinshasa. Pray for God to provided the resources needed for this ministry.

Jill writes: I'm so excited to officially announce that we're building a new building for the Mitendi Primary School (which currently holds classes inside the Mitendi Women's Center), and thanks to some very generous donors, we're kicking off the fund-raising with half the funds needed already in hand! Amazing!

OUR STORY: During the last 10 years the Mitendi area of Kinshasa has experienced a population explosion. The majority of the families that live in the area surrounding the Mitendi Women's Center have fled to the capital city to find work, but sadly, they live at what we would consider refugee status. The government is unable keep up with their needs. The Congolese Baptist Women, who run the Mitendi Center, could not ignore the fact that there were over 1,000 children in the immediate neighborhood not attending school. Mama Mfulu, a Mitendi staff member, said to me, “This is a disaster waiting to happen. We can either wait 5 or 10 years, when all of these children are deeply imbedded in gang life and prostitution, to reach out to them then – or we can do something now to provide for their education and a more secure future. For me there is no choice!”

In 2011, the Congolese Baptist Women opened a primary school in the Mitendi Women's Center building.

OUR SITUATION: The current primary school has reached its maximum capacity of 330 primary school students (grade levels 1-6).  With those 330 students, 95 at-risk girls in our training program, and 13 permanent staff members, we are exploding at the seams of the Mitendi Women's Center building! It simply is not feasible to continue to accommodate both programs in this one building.  

OUR SOLUTION: We have prayerfully considered building a separate primary school building.  God willing, we will begin construction in May 2017. With 12 acres, secured within the beautiful wall, we have plenty of space. The school building will include six classrooms, a meeting room, a library, storeroom, administrative office, and all the furnishings. It will have the capacity to serve over 700 students – more than double the number of students currently enrolled in the primary school – and will free up the Mitendi Center building for its intended purpose: ministering to young at-risk women. The building cost: $167,351.

Thank you for keeping us in your prayers and for being part of this exciting project that will transform the lives of hundreds of Congo's most vulnerable women and children! God bless you.