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Pray for Denise Osejo-Aragón and Juan Aragón appointed to train Christian leaders and empower women in Chiapas, Mexico.

May 17, 2017

Denise and Juan have been appointed to serve in partnership with the Council of Rural Indigenous Evangelicals of Mexico (Consejo Indígena Campesino Evangélico de México, CICEM) in Chiapas, Mexico. They will work in training, prevention and education as they learn the community needs and look for ways to empower leaders in their communities. Juan will focus on theological education and leadership training as he accompanies, coaches and disciples new church leaders. Denise’s ministry will seek to empower women, especially those who are victims of domestic abuse.

Denise asked for prayer for their transition from West Virginia to Chiapas, Mexico in her recent journal :

She writes of a conversation with her son Juancito: ‘Earlier I noticed the skin on his hands was very dry, so I reminded him to put lotion on after his shower. Suddenly, he started to cry and said, “Mommy, why do I have to have dry skin? I don’t want dry skin.” I replied, “It’s okay it will get better with lotion.” But I knew something else was wrong. Usually, he doesn’t cry over things like that. So, I asked him, “What’s the matter? Are you sad about something else?”  His answer caught me off guard. “Yes, I don’t want to go to Chiapas,” he said. “I’m going to miss all my friends from church and school. I’m going to miss my teacher, my room and my toys.”

As I reflect on that incident, many things go through my mind. As a parent, what was I supposed to do? How do I avoid crying with my child? Do I tell him that I’m also thinking about the moment when we must say goodbye to everyone we have known and come to love in West Virginia?

“We know how resilient and adaptable children are, but we also don’t want to disregard the fact that our children will also be experiencing this transition in their own ways. So, once again I ask for your prayers. Please pray for the kiddos and for us the parents. Please, pray that we have the wisdom to know how to talk to our children and how to express how we feel. Pray that we know how to grieve and be sensitive to the needs of our children and the community we currently serve.”