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My 2 Cents about Annie’s 3 Dollars

October 17, 2006 Journal


Greetings from NightLight!


I am Jeff, Annie's husband and NightLight "chaplain." It is my responsibility to minister to the staff at NightLight and help out with the spiritual development of the nearly 40 women working at NightLight. I have already learned that NightLight is a place full of surprises!


Annie's recent "3 dollar letter" surprised some of you. Some of you were challenged. Some of you perhaps have not yet decided how you feel. As one of NightLight's newest team members, I would like to add my 2 cents to Annie's 3 dollars.


Penny One – What happens daily at NightLight is nothing short of amazing if not miraculous! You should see the eagerness with which these women study the Bible and do their homework. While 6 women are preparing for baptism, there are an equal number who are on the verge of making a decision to follow Jesus. That leaves the majority of these women in the category of curious seekers. These women are attracted to the Good News and coming to Jesus – eagerly, willingly, and gladly. That's worth more than 1 penny any day!


Penny Two – NightLight Design Co. Ltd. is a registered Thai business. We pay taxes and are audited just like any business. But we are also a ministry. For some people combining the two reflects confused priorities or at a minimum the suspicion that such a combination could truly be self-sustaining and remain relevant to the ministry needs. I would like to assure you that we are not confused about our priorities, nor do we doubt the success of this business/ministry. But like any new business or any new ministry there are needs that go beyond the available resources. In such a situation, most business owners and ministry leaders would seek the help of investors to keep things moving toward success.


The second of my two cents is to simply let you know that NightLight business and ministry is seeking committed investors. Here are just a few stock options to help ensure the success of a legitimate for-profit business and an anointed transformational ministry with at risk and exploited women:


Ideally NightLight needs to make a profit through selling the superb quality jewelry produced by these women here. Many have kindly assisted in selling, but there has been a slow return in cash flow. At present a good portion of jewelry inventory is in the US and we are awaiting funds to be transferred. If you have not yet sent in the money from a recent sale, please do so as soon as possible.

Thanks for letting me put in my 2 cents and for considering how your investment in life change for these women will be more than your pocket change.


Rev. Jeff Dieselberg

For Tax Deductible donations, please make checks payable to:
"International Ministries" earmarked: NightLight/Dieselbergs
Send to: International Ministries, P.O. Box 851, Valley Forge, PA 19382-081, USA

For Capital Investment for the business, non- tax deductible, checks payable to: NightLight
Send to: NightLight, 970 S. Village Oaks Drive, Suite 101, Covina, CA 91724- 0609, USA