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God at Work: In ways I can’t talk about here...

September 8, 2009 Journal
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I wish that you could come join me in my apartment for a meal--or many!--so that we could talk face to face.  Then you could experience my home as a temporary "safe-house".  And you could participate in conversations with people who come through the Netherlands looking for advice about starting new projects ministering with people in prostitution.  You could also listen in on discussions with long-time practitioners about how to share the resources they've developed.  You could hear their stories of "God at work" in their successes--and their heart-breaks. 

I'd love to share so much more about the consultations that I spend much of my time hosting in my home.  But as you can imagine, much of the information must not be on the internet--or even in writing.  There are issues of confidentiality and BIG issues surrounding security.  If my writing sometimes seems vague, and I don't talk about locations or ethnicities, know that there are reasons. 

But what I CAN talk about today, is the wonderful volunteer that God sent my way who is working with me for 3 weeks!  Maggi Susman, from Colorado is here helping me to organize my life!  My address lists and data base had gotten way out of date and needed a lot of repair work.  One major list of hundreds of names needed to be added to this journal mailing list, and Maggi is working away at consolidating and updating. Her work will go a long way towards helping me communicate more effectively.  Her encouragement and support has been part of motivating me to write this daily missive. I write today with a heart full of gratitude for Maggi.  And for YOU, who support and encourage me, and enable God's work to be done!