International Ministries

Sharing God’s Love (Debra)

February 6, 2002 Journal

It appeared that the taxi ride would be like many others.As a habit, my husband, Flint and I ride in taxis, and use the opportunity to practice Tagalog, the language we are studying.Eventually, the conversation turned to why we were here, and that we were missionaries.I shared, "Our mission here was to share with others God's love."He said, "It wasn't until I was 25 that I learned that God is love."

I couldn't believe it!This simple message that many in the U.S. grow up with was a revelation to this man as an adult.Although the Philippines is known as mostly Roman Catholic, this person had somehow missed this most important message-- "God loves him!"Finally through contact with believers he heard this simple message and it changed his life.

Once again the reason we were here was confirmed.Although this nation was "Christian" in terms of demographics, there were still many who had not come to know the Savior who loves them, and gave his life for them

Debra E. Miller