International Ministries

Parenting by Grace

September 30, 2002 Journal

Dear friends,

We are coming to the close of a very busy school term at the seminary.Besides teaching in the Asia Baptist Graduate Theological Seminary (ABGTS), Flint taught missiological anthropology in the Philippine Baptist Theological Seminary to 58 students!With two papers per student per week (from one to three pages each) he kept quite busy.But the class has proved to be a wonderful experience and the students seem to appreciate the insights.The class emphasizes the need to base our ministry upon an understanding of the cultural context. Besides teaching, Flint is busy as the associate dean of ABGTS, seeking to give leadership to the branch here in Baguio.

Debbie has once again begun formal study of Tagalog.She is meeting daily with our tutor and friend, Carol Dilizo.More and more, our house is abuzz with the sound of Tagalog phrases.Our helper, Leah, helps us out by consistently speaking to us in Tagalog.We are grateful that progress is being made.Somehow comprehension is becoming easier.Although expression comes slower than comprehension, we are progressing.

One of Debbie's ministries has been to start a step aerobics class for the ladies on campus.They use an upbeat Christian praise video as a guide.The seminary maintenance even constructed steps for use in the class!Everyone is having a fun time of exercise and fellowship.

Debbie has also been leading the women's Bible Study here on campus.Both here and at West Baguio Baptist church she has been leading sessions on the topic "Parenting by Grace."Of course, this topic gives us extra incentive to try to do the same at home.

The boys are coming to the end of their first term at the Brent School also.It has been something of a rough start as both of their teachers have been out a good bit because of the illness of family members.As you can imagine, the classroom environment has not been the most stable.Also some of their best friends have returned to their homes overseas.Both Ben and Chris have been missing these friendships as well as their friends back in the States, and the sports and other activities they enjoyed there. Also there are no children's programs here in churches.

So, in summary please remember us in your prayers:

1.That Ben and Chris will experience meaningful friendships and other activities here.Sometimes, we pray that God will send Western friends to Baguio! Also, pray for deepening Filipino friendships.Pray that God will show them how He wants to use them as MK's here in the Philippines.

2.That the Lord will empower and guide Flint and Debbie in their ministry to students, as well as ministry to churches and other community outreaches. Lately, the Lord seems to be leading us to speak, lead, and preach around the themes of family, marriage and parenting.There is much educational and holistic healing "needs" in this area.

3.That we will continue to grow in our Tagalog language ability. Both of us want to be able to freely pray with others in Tagalog as well as preach and teach some in Tagalog.Even though English is spoken, the Filipinos prefer to speak in their native tongue in social situations.

4.Continued HEALTH and SAFETY here in the Philippines. We are aware of the need to always be vigilant here with security issues, and also to trust God for his protection and guidance.

We love you all and appreciate all the ways you support us.We are truly partners working together for God's kingdom and His purposes. To God be the Glory and Honor! May Jesus Christ be praised!

Flint, Deb, Benjamin and Christopher