International Ministries

Opportunities And Challenges

February 10, 2003 Journal

Dear friends,

The first two months of 2003 are proving to be FULL and ACTIVE.We are encouraged to know that you are interceding for us in prayer.These prayer requests will update you as to our present opportunities and challenges.May God bless you and THANKS FOR PRAYING!

Please pray for . . .

1.Energy and focus for Flint as he leads the Asia Baptist Graduate Theological Seminary (ABGTS) as Associate Dean.In this capacity, he leads the ABGTS, Philippines branch -- the largest of the 8 ABGTS branches across Asia.This is a very busy time of year as doctoral students put the finishing touches on their dissertations.The total number for this year should be around 8 or 9 doctoral graduates. These persons go on to serve as leaders across Asia in their conventions, seminaries, and churches.As the Associate Dean, it is Flint's responsibility to read each dissertation.Please pray for continued energy and focus in the next three weeks prior to March 7 graduation.

2.Also pray for Flint as he teaches his mission classes in ABGTS.

3.Pray for Debbie as she teaches a class in Family Counseling as well as supervises Counseling Practicum students as they counsel others, and gain feedback on their developing skills.Debbie is also teaching "Conflict Management" for a week in a mission's course, and interviewing students who have applied for Clinical Pastoral Education to be held during the summer, March to June.Debbie will be supervising 5-6 students in an intensive CPE experience during this time.

4.Pray for Flint and Deb as they minister at West Baguio Baptist Church.Deb teaches Bible study and both Flint and Deb sing in the choir.The church has recently asked Flint to serve on the Missions/Evangelism Committee.Deb also serves on the prayer committee and helps with the Women's Missions Ministry.Pray especially for the church as they search for a pastor.They have been without one for a year and badly need leadership.

5.Pray for Ben and Chris at the Brent School.Both continue to do well in school, but deeply miss their friends in the States.This is made more difficult in that the Brent School is a transient community, and several of their friends have left in the last year.They were recently recognized for some of their achievements -- Ben for an outstanding multimedia presentation using Powerpoint, and Chris for winning first place in his division in the cross-country race.Chris was also recognized for helping a High School Student who had injured his ankle while playing basketball.We are proud of our boys and that they are growing in "wisdom and in stature, and in favor with God and man" (Luke 2:52).

6.Pray for Ben and Chris' spiritual nurture and development.They were both baptized on the first Sunday of this year, and are seeking to grow in their faith. Presently, there are few children their age at church, and the programming is weak.Please pray that we will find ways to aid them in their spiritual development. Also pray that they will be motivated to attend our church, which is very small and poor.

7.Pray for discernment in the looming world crisis surrounding the possible U.S.-Iraq War.As a nation with a significant Muslim population of 8%, there is the potential sympathy attacks on Western targets.As well, terrorist groups in the Philippines in general, along with criminals, may take advantage of the unstable situation.Pray that we have wisdom about how to respond to this crisis.

Many, many thanks for your prayers!We know that they will aid us immensely!Remember that we too are praying for you!

Flint, Debbie, Benjamin and Christopher Miller