International Ministries

Reflections About Our Situation

March 9, 2003 Journal

The news of the bombing of the airport in the southern Philippines came as a heavy blow to us.In recent weeks terrorist attacks have been frequent across this region, instigated by Muslim terrorist organizations who claim to be fighting for a separate Islamic state.The shock, however, was sharper with this Davao Airport Attack, because along with 22 Filipinos, an American missionary had been killed.Bill Hyde had just visited our campus along with his wife and son, just three weeks ago.He had gone to the Davao airport to pick up another acquaintance of ours, Mark Stevens and his family.Bill Hyde had served in the Philippines with his family since 1978.

We feel saddened by the rage of violence that has gripped so many places in our world.As we observe such violence and hatred, it is difficult for us to know how to pray.We regularly intercede for the leaders of our nations, that the spirit and wisdom of Christ would be upon them.We also pray that our world might know peace.Yet, often, as we grope for words that defy expression, we simply pray, "Lord, have mercy."

Of course, we also feel a major degree of threat because we are Americans and Christian -- the groups that have been designated by terrorists as the target of their violence.Through all our mixed thoughts and feelings, we mostly just want to be the presence of Christ -- his salt and light – in our corner of the world.Somehow, its comforting to know that this is your prayer, too.

Thanks for being our spiritual family that stands with us in this.

Flint and Debbie Miller