International Ministries

Preparing to Leave the Philippines

May 23, 2004 Journal

Hello family and friends!

Greetings from Baguio City! We hope this e-mail finds you doing well and ready for summer! We are busy preparing to leave the Philippines in exactly one week now. Time has a way of passing too quickly when the journey is meaningful. We have been serving as missionaries with American Baptist International Ministries for three and half years, and now is our time of scheduled U.S./Puerto Rico assignment.

Our summer will be full visiting family in Tennessee and Florida as well as our home church and friends in Atlanta, Georgia. In addition to these states, we will go to Green Lake, Wisconsin for two weeks for the purposes of returning home missionary debriefing and participating in the World Mission Conference.

On August 6, we fly to Waco, Texas where we will reside near Flint's parents. The boys will be in school there and Flint will teach one course in the fall and one in the spring at Truett Seminary at Baylor University's campus. Flint and I will take turns traveling to different churches and mission conferences throughout the country speaking about missions and, of course, the work and ministry here in the Philippines.

As a family, we had no idea how much the Lord would touch our lives when we came here November 2000. What a life change… and many adjustments to this third world country and its cultural and religious diversities!We are sad to leave the life we know here and the people with whom we live and work. Saying good-bye is very hard … just as it was moving here. We hope to come back to serve for another term, but we are not sure of God's plan yet.

Ben is 12 years old now and Christopher is 9 now. Our dog Sparky (who loves the Philippines more than the States!) is 6 and a half. And…well…let's just say Flint and Debbie are enjoying mid-life!We just want you to know how deeply we appreciate your sincere support in so many ways. We know that we could not have been the ONES SENT without the prayers and holistic support of the SENDERS…that would be ALL of you!You have truly been PARTNERS with us in this gospel ministry of evangelism, discipleship, training of leaders, and finally the healing ministry of pastoral care.How we wish we had the time to sit and share with each one of you all the "footprints" of God here in this place…many stories of his miracles and transforming love.

We hope to see many of you in this next year. Please know you are always in our hearts and prayers. Our home is open for you to visit us there in Waco since we can't realistically travel to all of you.We love you and give thanks for all you mean to us.May you experience God's blessings more abundantly than ever before.

To God be the Glory,

Flint, Debbie, Benjamin and Christopher Miller