International Ministries

Active Holiday Season

November 21, 2006 Journal

Hello friends and Happy Holidays!

We've entered the "ber" months in Baguio. September through December (all the way to March for that matter) are known for being cooler months. Especially in the mornings and evenings it's nice and cool. Filipinos would say it's cold and would wear sweatshirts and toboggans to prove it, but for us Americans, we're still mostly in short-sleeves. Sunflowers have begun to dot the hillsides and you'll see wild poinsettias in bloom as well.

As for us, we're all trying to hold on until Christmas break. Flint and Deb are in the thick of the third academic term. Deb has the largest class ever at the seminary, 73 students in her marriage and family course. Flint is shepherding a new batch of graduate students through the writing of the prospectus for their dissertation. He's also getting lots of opportunities to preach. Deb and Flint have also had several opportunities to do marriage and family seminars in various venues.

Ben and Chris have been quite active. Both of them were finalists in the United Nations Day Speech competition at Brent. Ben placed 2nd in the High School division and Chris placed 3rd in the middle school division. Besides the recognition, the school awarded some sweet moolah for their efforts. Ben wrote a fantastic short story, "A Night on the Chattahoochee" that his English teacher wants him to publish. It's really good. In it, he elaborated on some summer experiences at the Edwards Aquifer and the Wonder Cave in Hill Country of Texas. Now Ben is preparing for the role of the teacher, Mr. Keating (a.k.a. Robin Williams), in the school's production of "Dead Poet's Society." I think he identifies with this somewhat unconventional character.

Also, over the last couple of months, a youth group of missionary kids (MKs) have formed. They meet on Friday nights and it is definitely the highlight of the week. It's made up of about 15-20 MKs whose families are with various mission boards, agencies, and churches. It is definitely an answer to prayer. THANKS for praying!

We appreciate you! Thanks for all the ways you show your love and support. It makes a tremendous difference! May you be richly blessed in this holiday season.

Flint, Deb, Ben and Chris