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Uncertainty and our forefathers faith

October 25, 2009 Journal
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 Dear Friends,

Starting this fall with uncertainty about our agenda for the US, or for Europe, helped us to direct our trust to the Lord, and to take a breath from what had been an unusual intensive year so far. It helped us think and affiliate with many families who’s lives have been turned upside down through the economic crisis with an uncertain future, and it helped us to rejoice in the Lords blessings and guidance in a special way. Yesterday, the pastor at our church in Prague shared to see our prolonged stay as God’s providence, as we have been able to bring more people to church and Bible study groups than usual, also we are helping out with temporary group leader needs. We pray for lasting fruit.
We are thankful to God that our agenda is firming up again with both new assignments for Europe this month and next month, and the prospect of a full deputation year in the US starting in December. This makes the transitions easier than sometime halfway a (school)quarter and it means that we have the standard 12 months to visit churches, groups and conferences in the US to raise awareness and involvement for the needs and Mission in Europe.
We can now activate projects that had been delayed, post-poned or cancelled earlier in the year, such as a visit to Most last week. Most was featured with the Xtreme Team two years ago. The beautiful old city center has been leveled during communist times (due to coal findings below it) and a new (communist architecture) city, without churches, built a mile or two further. We asked the Xtreme team to find a Christian in this place, and even after asking questions half the day through town, they could not find one. Together with two other missions we prayed and participated in launching a new project this weekend to reach out for Christ in this city, challenging young people to the (Christian) faith of their forefathers. For our part in this project we will need two volunteers to work with school kids and questionnaires for the full fall quarter of 2010. (see our mpt-website: for more details coming up).
The last week of this month has a holiday, and is the school fall break, we will go a couple of days to Holland to attend a memorial service. Upon our return we will leave for a week to Moldova which is not only economically the poorest country in Europe but after election disputes this spring, it just installed a (fragile) new non-communist government. There are over 450 Baptist Churches, and we will let you know how we can partner with them to call people to COME to Christ to GROW in Christ and to CHANGE their world for Christ, through upcoming newsletters or our mpt-website:
Please pray for save travels and the Lords guidance as we go to these remote edges of Europe on behalf of you, while preparing ways for more mission.

Pieter & Nora Kalkman