International Ministries

Cambodia Mission Team of Parkersburg West Virginia

December 8, 2009 Journal
     In October, Shawn Hall of Pine Grove Baptist Church of Parkersburg, West Virginia led a team of eight on a medical and evangelistic mission to Phnom Penh and the province of Svay Reign.  It was Shawn’s first trip leading a team on an international mission.  They worked with Independent Baptist Mission for Asians and served with missionary Edgard Landingin.

    Shawn saw many come to faith in Christ.  During the water festival, they handed out Gospel tracks during the water Festival.  People came up and asked for the tracks and they could see people reading them.  Some even asked questions.  He felt the people were very open to the Gospel.

   Shawn was inspired by the people!  They came to worship in an incomplete building to sit on the floor waiting for hours in the heat and humidity to listen to the Word of God.  They waited during the medical mission too, some for hours, without complaining.  Shawn felt we need to learn to be happy in whatever state we were in.

The Cambodian national pastors who work with Brother Edgard Landingin were moved and grateful for the help received.  The people of Cambodia were very appreciative of the medical assistance the team was able to provide.  The extreme poverty, lack of medical care and the conditions that so many live in was very disturbing to Shawn.  He felt we have too many things we don’t even need and we should do more to minister at home and around the world. 

   Team members have a different perspective after the mission experience.  Before they went, they learned about the country from Shawn who came back from Cambodia in April but did not truly grasp the gravity of the situation.  After the trip, they realized how blessed they are and are ready to do more mission work.  

   Shawn and team took three to six months to prepare for this trip by praying, getting organized through several meetings, sharing his personal experience from the April trip, using information on the website, and by getting to know more about Cambodia through information provided by International Ministries.  

   Two other churches have helped with supplies and Shawn and team will share their experiences with the two churches.  They have already shared their experiences during the Sunday School hour at their home church for three weeks now.

  Shawn felt they would like to go back to Cambodia but is also open to other places that God would lead them.