International Ministries

Pray for Karen Smith

December 8, 2009 PrayerCall
Karen serves at the New Life Center Foundation (NLCF), an evangelical ministry located in Northern Thailand. NLCF works exclusively with ethnic minority (tribal) women throughout the Mekong sub- region (Thailand and its neighboring countries) who are at risk for, or victims of, labor exploitation which includes forced work in factories, local markets, domestic situations, and prostitution. There are risks involved in this ministry that makes Christ's love known to vulnerable and exploited people. Because of those risks, Karen's photo is not used.

 She writes: Dear friends: Activities this week included a two-day team unity building workshop for the administrative staff (it was excellent); additionally, I just completed a short proposal to UNICEF, and on Wednesday submitted an initial "Statement of Interest" (i.e., another proposal!) to the U.S. Department of State Office to Combat Trafficking in Persons. If approved by "G/TIP", these funds would support and expand the New Life Center Foundation's anti-trafficking campaigns throughout the region.

 Economic development in Thailand has continued unabated and therefore, so has the flow of migrants across the borders. Wherever there is an increased flow of migrant workers, human trafficking also increases. Thailand is literally inundated with migrant workers, many of whom are escaping the situation in Myanmar...but many of whom are simply seeking a better life. Thailand has some really good employment laws which protect migrant workers who come into the country legally. However, migrants (due to many variables, but particularly language differences) often get (literally) lost in the shuffle and end up in severely exploitative labor situations. 

Our NLCF anti-trafficking, safe migration campaigns provide ethnic minorities with the knowledge they need to protect themselves from such exploitation. The staff and I are excited about these additional program initiatives! Will you pray with us, that we'd receive these new funds and be able to launch an expansion of these programs? I continue to feel honored that I am able to work here right now, in this unique time in Thailand's development history.

 I pray that you would know the peace of this Lord Jesus this season in every way, and that His grace, power, strength and love would be made known to you in new and deeper ways.