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Love Potions, Spells and a Revolution

February 5, 2010 Journal
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Dear friends,

Valentine's Day unites the world in a theme of love. Everyone desires true love but in spite of all the advertising, the gifts, the parties, and the songs that are unleashed in celebration of love, not everyone finds love and many fall vulnerable to exploitation through false promises.  Love potions, spells, and false promise of marriage to extort money are some of the schemes of evil that NightLight has already fought this month. Love is not always gentle and for us it often requires a battle; a passionate, furious, persistent battle against darkness to demonstrate God's beautiful, pure, freeing, and healing love.

Love Potions

"Wen's" twin sister was deeply troubled. Her eyes had dark circles showing the lack of sleep the last few nights. Her sister had been acting very strangely - not herself. "Wen" met a man on Saturday and from that moment she was obsessed and not herself. She was mumbling in her sleep, getting up in the night to sneak out, not sure of her whereabouts or her activities. She would get angry and restless whenever asked. "Wen" had been put under a spell. There is a love potion here that is used to get a girl. It consists of taking the oil from a female corpse's chin and doing incantations over it. When this oil is put on the girl on meeting she becomes obsessed with the guy and he is able to take advantage of her. "Wen" came in to work and we were able to pray with her and break the spell and witchcraft. "Wen" had struggled to break off a relationship with a married man and her wandering heart had made her vulnerable to this spell. Through confession, repentance, and re-commitment to Christ, "Wen" was able to renounce and reject the curses and find freedom once again.

Love is a Powerful Force Used by Good and Evil

Evil pursues its victims passionately with false promises of love.  Love is a powerful weapon whether it is used to deceive and destroy, or to restore and heal. This month of Valentines, the world over, people are seeking and hoping for love. The bars are full of men seeking love, intimacy, fantasy to fill their emptiness. The women flock there to fill the requirements of love to their parents and children and at the same time hope desperately that one of these men will turn out to be a knight in shining armour fighting for their love. The shattered pieces of wounded hearts are preyed on by evil to further exploit.

Furious Love: Join the Revolution

How would you describe your love for those God loves? What about your church? For a long time I bought into the belief that love is always soft, gentle, sweet, passive, and non-confrontational. God's love for us was furious enough to engage in a battle even to the point of death. Jesus' death was not a passive act but an active participation to conquer and defeat the powers of darkness. Do we, does the church, have the passion required to confront the darkness and rescue prisoners from darkness?
On February 14th, NightLight is featured in the movie "Furious Love" as among God's warriors in confronting the kingdom of darkness with the furious love of God.  When the kingdom of darkness holds women in bondage it is not a time for a gentle, patient, or passive love. We have learned that God does not stand by passively but relentlessly pursues with a furious love to free these women. Evil is being exposed and brought into the light. The love of God overcomes the forces of evil and the darkness trembles.
If the burning in your heart is fueled by God's passion to see the captives freed, the broken-hearted healed, and the prisoners released from darkness, join us in the revolution to confront the darkness of sexual exploitation and to love passionately.
Take action: Pray for the victims. Pray for the captives freed but who still seek healing from the wounds and bondage. Pray for the predators and the governments who turn a blind eye. Pray for goverments and NGOs which work relentlessly to stop exploitation and to rescue the exploited. Pray for the church to wake up and to join the revolution of love!
Take action: buy the jewelry the survivors have created -- The price for freedom wasn't cheap for us, and it isn't without a cost for these women.
Will you pay the price of passion to love furiously? This Valentines' Day buy a loved one a piece of jewelry that tells the story of the passionate love of God to free the captives and bring restoration. It's their story; it is our story. Join the revolution of love.

Thank you for joining us in the revolution. We cannot do it alone and we appreciate your active support.

Happy Valentine's Day, and may every day be filled with transforming love.
Annie Dieselberg
CEO NightLight