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Kelseys’ Heads in the Cloud of Witnesses

May 31, 2010 Journal
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We are surrounded by a great cloud of witnesses!  On Thursday and Friday, seven witnesses took part in the European Baptist Federation anti-trafficking workgroup meeting right here in our home.  It is easier to run the race that is set before us having been with Lauran (Intl. Ministries), Vladimir (Moldova), Marion (UK), Sven and Maria (Sweden), Elena (Italy), and Janet (Botswana-No, it’s not in Europe, but she’s doing an internship in Italy.).  We planned our network-wide meeting in Vienna, Austria, in November, and we shared about the various ways we are ministering in our respective countries in the areas of trafficking prevention and outreach to victims. 

On Sunday morning, Vladimir and I accompanied Lauran as she preached at the Baptist church in Pordenone, Italy.  The three of us were amazed when Pastor Giuseppe sat with us at lunch and described his church’s growing participation in hospitality to victims of human trafficking for sexual exploitation who have completed their Italian-sponsored programs of protection.  Giuseppe and Vladimir, within the course of 30 minutes, developed a strategy for an exchange program between Italian and Moldovan social workers, both to do outreach to Moldovan women trafficked into prostitution in Italy and to do prevention work in Moldovan schools.  Because Giuseppe’s church is an active part of the network of churches and social service organizations in the community, Giuseppe feels sure the project will be supported by the local government.  Lauran and I just sat back with our heads in the clouds! 

Then, there are 22 more witnesses in the US who filled the cloud around us.  These are 22 individuals and/or families who are partnering in our support through the 360 Web-based Matching Grant Program.  Thanks to all of you!  These gifts helped us grow from about 31% of our full support goal to 36.9% in 6 weeks! 

We look forward to being reminded of even more of you who make up the crowd of witnesses who partner with us in prayer and financial support as we visit churches July through September!  We still have some availability during the week, and we would love to meet with you and your church or a small group of interested folks in your community!  Drop us an email to schedule something!  We will be based out of Ohio, but we already have plans to visit some in Indiana, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, Washington, D.C. and possibly New York. 

Join us in the clouds!