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NightLight Praise and Prayer Update

June 28, 2010 Journal
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Dear Friends,

Thank you so much for your continual prayers and words of encouragement. It has been a trying season but we have felt God's presence and have been empowered by your prayers. The political situation has settled for the general public. While the battle continues in parliament and there is still deep division in the country, life has returned to a busy pace. It was encouraging after the burning, to see many groups join together in a day of clean up for Bangkok. We pray for more of this spirit of reconciliation and collaboration for a peaceful resolution.
The streets of Bangkok are much quieter as many tourists have canceled their trips. This has had a significant impact on Thailand's economy, including the bars where we do ministry. NightLight has also been impacted through the cancellation of visitors. We usually average 600 visitors a year which helps to bring in jewelry sales and increase awareness of the needs.

With the loss of legitimate jobs in Thailand, more women are turning to the bars as a possible source of income. At the same time, there has been a decrease of male clientele at these establishments. With the number of women in the bars increasing, and the number of customers decreasing, I believe the time is right to reach these women with hope.

We need your support and prayers more than ever for the next phase of this journey.

Annie Dieselberg

CEO NightLight


Praise and Gratitude:

   1. The political situation in Thailand has settled down. There is a possible underground remnant and still a lot of division and hard feelings but for now things are under control. We were relieved to see all of our women return safely. Thank you for prayers for protection.
   2. We were able to rescue a 13-year-old boy off the street who had been sexually exploited. After staying with us for a few days, another Thai organization took his case and returned him to his parents. They are following up with him to get the psychological help he needs for healing.
   3. N-Jang, one of our women returned and asked for her job back but her alcoholism keeps her from moving forward. She agreed to go to a rehab center in the north and was taken there last Sunday. It is a great step forward.
   4. "N-t" is doing well day by day under the care of the volunteers in the center.
   5. We began therapy groups about a month ago. In Thai we call them "Heart Groups." The women are discovering the power and freedom in sharing their lives and the wounds that have impacted them and affected their daily choices. They are hearing one another and seeing each other through new eyes as well.
   6. We received a $10,000 check in the mail! What a blessing and an answer to prayer in a difficult time economically.
   7.  Charity Marquis has resigned as director of NightLight USA. She is enjoying being a full-time mom and working as a member of the staff at Expression 58 in LA. We are so grateful for her years of service and the excellent job she did in getting NightLight established in the US.
   8.  Amber Thomas has stepped in as director of NightLight LA. since Amber was already working for NightLight USA, this was a natural transition.  Her excellence and vision will help move us into the next phase.
   9.  We had a great trip to Isan (North-east of Thailand) to share our vision with pastors and leaders. We had great discussions and heard their concerns of young women coming to Bangkok as well as began to envision how we can work together in prevention.
  10. We were able to visit two NL women's homes in Isan during our trip. The women were honored and excited to share their family homes with us. Wii's mother and grand-mother accepted Christ while we were visiting.

Prayer Needs:

   1.  Annie, Jeff and family will be in the U.S. for the summer doing some speaking and visiting with family. Pray for safe travels, good connections with churches and individuals, and for NL in their absence.
   2.  Pray for N-Jang at the rehab center. The first week is the toughest. There are only a couple Thai speakers there and it is a remote country setting.
   3.  "Star" one of our newest believers ran away and returned to a very abusive boyfriend. We don't know yet what drove her back but please pray for her freedom and safety.
   4.  The 13-year-old boy faces a difficult journey forward. He needs a lot of healing and his family situation is not the safest and most secure. As a boy, dressing in girl's clothes and having been severely exploited, he is not easily accepted or understood. Pray that he does not run away and that the organization helping him is able to intervene and bring him healing.
   5.  Please pray for wisdom in addressing an un-expected and challenging situation presented by another organization. We cannot go into details at this point but it is serious and we need the prayer covering and wisdom.
   6.  Pray for "N-t's" continued healing and commitment.
   7.  Pray for several of our women who have been in abusive situations and struggle to leave the boyfriend's who are putting them in danger.
   8.  Please continue to pray for expansion of the jewelry market. As more and more NGO's begin to market their jewelry, we are finding the market saturated.  NightLight Design is dependent on jewelry sales to meet the $30,000 a month expenses. With 80 women employed regularly the cost is high and jewelry sales are also needed to keep them busy and productive.