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Blueberries & Spaghetti: Do They Go Together?

July 15, 2010 Journal
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What do blueberries and spaghetti have in common?  They both fund ministry in Italy!  

We arrived in Georgia to visit with Debbie’s family and have some vacation.  The people of Warwick had another idea.  Debbie’s parents had worked out a deal to pick blueberries free of charge; the farm owners saw the berries as their contribution to our ministry.  The people at Calhoun Produce Market had agreed to buy them.  The people of First Baptist Warwick had picked several mornings already.  Our first morning in Georgia, we rose at 5:00 a.m. to go to the blueberry patch and returned 3 more times during our visit.  Indeed, the field was “blue” unto harvest.  When we had more blueberries than Calhoun Market could sell, Debbie’s mother got on the phone and lined up private sales.  We delivered, just like Domino's Pizza!

On Friday night, First Baptist hosted a spaghetti dinner where we shared about our ministry.  Again, the folks in Warwick had us working hard serving up spaghetti and handing out prayer cards.

During our 8 days in Warwick, over $4,600 was raised to support our ministry.   Neither of these projects took special skills or great resources.  An eye for opportunity and a commitment to do some work was all it took.    In Matthew 14 a large crowd gathers to hear Jesus.  The disciples come to Jesus at dinner time and ask him to send the people away to find food in the villages.  Jesus tells the disciples to bring what they have, 5 loaves and 2 fish, to him.  Jesus takes what they have and feeds 5000 people.  The people of Warwick took what they had and put it to use in support of ministry.  Jesus took it and multiplied it beyond anyone’s expectations.  

Fish and loaves or blueberries and spaghetti, the principle is the same.  Jesus takes what we offer and increases it beyond our dreams.

We are now beginning our time of visiting in churches and sharing about our ministry in Italy.  We hope to see many of you as we travel.

We ask for your prayers as we travel and give thanks for the opportunity to share what God is doing through our work.

God bless you,
Jim (along with Debbie, Ben, and Luke)