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Journeys…Gypsies and Us

July 26, 2010 Journal
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Journeys…Gypsies and Us

In the week or so prior to our departure for a couple of months in the US, I had the great joy of participating in the “Camper of Friendship with the Gypsy People”, a project of Italian Baptists to facilitate dialogue with Gypsies and to raise awareness in about the discrimination and oppression Gypsies of all nationalities face in Italy. 

On the first night of the camper’s six-night trip, we began in the Baptist church in Marghera.  When I went over to greet Maria, the mother of my friend Jay, Maria took my hand and asked me to stand by her while she spoke when her turn came.  What a privilege it was to stand and hold her hand while she talked about the day, many years ago, when she realized that God wanted a personal relationship with her.  She praised God for her 9 children, two of whom are pastors.  She talked about growing up in a family that traveled, in the traditional matter of gypsies, and how she learned to value God’s good gifts to her:  the starry sky as her roof and the green grass as her carpet. 

We four Kelseys are on our summer journey—not in the traditional manner of gypsies, but based out of an apartment outside Dayton, Ohio.  We have been blessed with some time with family, some vacation time in Washington, D.C., and have already enjoyed visiting in supporting churches in D.C., Georgia, and Ohio. 

We hope our journey brings us together with you very soon!  In the meantime, may God’s good gifts of a starry sky and green grass bring you delight on the journey!

Your missionaries,
Debbie (along with Jim, Ben, and Luke) Kelsey