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August 13, 2010 Journal
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Unmatchable News from Emma - - - Unmatchable Biscotti in Quincy - - -  Matchable Monthly Gifts Totaling $1302 Needed

Emma sent us a message through Susanna and Renzo:  “I have my documents today!" 
She will actually go to pick up this residency document on Sept. 13.  She went on the day she wrote to us to have her fingerprints done and passport verified.  There is still the possibility that authorities will try to block the release of her document because of an order 1-1/2 days ago that she leave Italy within 5 days.   Her employers have had to hire an attorney to represent her on her October court date.  We pray that all goes well on Sept. 13 and that the court case will be dropped.  The news from Emma of the impending release of her documents is unmatchable!  We feel like just stopping there and having a party.  But, we’ll go on…

As you know we are traveling in the US speaking to churches.  On Sunday at First Baptist Church-Wollaston in Quincy, Massachusetts, I had the best biscotti ever!  Mrs. Bennini’s cranberry and nut biscotti just can’t be matched.  She carries on her family’s Italian heritage well! 

First Baptist is a merger of a church of Italian immigrant families and another American Baptist church in the area.  On Sunday, Jim read from John 21 in English, and I had the blessing of reading from the old Italian church’s Italian pulpit Bible.  It made me homesick for our Italian Baptist brothers and sisters in Italy, but the warm reception we received from the church members made up for that.  The pastor loaded 4 boxes of children’s books in our car to be shipped to Italy for Nigerian and Ghanaian immigrant children.

How fitting that, after the service, the pastor introduced us to BeBe, a Nigerian man whose sister helped him come to the U.S. for hip surgery.  When he finishes therapy, he will return to Nigeria.  Italy, America, Nigeria…all our worlds colliding!  We alternated greeting American-Italians with “Buon giorno” and others with “Good morning” and threw in the typical Nigerian “You are welcome” for BeBe.   

Visiting churches in the US, we are reminded of the incredible diversity within our communities of faith.  While diversity presents challenges, it also gives us a more complete image of the Body of Christ.  Welcoming the stranger and embracing diversity is important to Italian Baptists, and that is why we work with their immigrant churches. 

Mrs. Bennini’s biscotti are unmatchable, but monthly missionary support gifts of $20 to $100 per month are now matchable!  We invite you to pledge and join the 54 churches and 51 individuals who are personal partners with us.  (Gifts can be mailed directly to International Ministries or given online.  See below for details.) 

Sixty-three new individual pledges averaging $20/month will cover our 2009-2010 goal deficit.  One Hundred new pledges averaging $20/month will put us on the road to meeting our 2010-2012 goal, which will be significantly higher.  Pledge what you can, and together we will meet the goal! 

Please pray with us for: 
The court to dismiss Emma’s case
Continuing safe travels - Jim and the boys return to Italy on Aug. 23 and Debbie continues visiting churches in the US through Sept. 23
Immigrants who have not been called back to work since the recession
Enough new partners in financial support to allow us to focus fully on ministry in Italy to people like Emma in the coming year

Your missionaries in Italy,
Debbie (along with Jim, Luke and Ben) Kelsey  

Mail checks to International Ministries, PO Box 851, Valley Forge, PA 19482-0851 marked “Kelseys-Ongoing Support” and a note indicating this is a monthly pledge or give online at Qualifying gifts will be matched on a first-come, first-served basis and must be post-marked by Noon, Sept. 27. 
Several individuals and churches we have visited are coming on board with us.  If you choose to do so, please send us an email so we can share the good news weekly in these notes!