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Angels seen during prayer at NightLight!

August 20, 2010 Journal
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Dear Friends,

It was hard for me to leave NightLight for 8 weeks and to trust everything to God. I have an amazing team, but we were leaving so many heavy responsibilities behind that it was difficult to go. We have always relied heavily on your prayers and counted on them for the summer absence. The following report was sent to me to confirm your prayers and God's faithfulness.

"During Friday night's outreach prayer time, while Giep was praying, she said she saw so many angels behind us on three tiers. They were wearing white robes and every angel was holding an open book, and they were singing "How great is our God." She said the angels were here to bless us and to tell us not to be afraid. She saw the glory of God come down in the middle of our prayer circle. She said there are no words to describe it, except it was so beautiful and very bright. Tong had been crying while Giep was praying and Tong saw the exact same things as Giep. There were 14 of us, and Tong and Giep were sitting very far apart from each other in the prayer circle. It was amazing to listen to their descriptions and see the awe and excitement in their faces through their tears. It was very powerful."

What an amazing confirmation of God's presence and care. I was also told that the angels were reading from books over the team. We are told in Revelations that our prayers rise to heaven and are gathered in golden bowls. I believe that all your prayers are carried and proclaimed over us by the angels. The words they were reading, I believe, included your prayers for the team and the work through NightLight. Thank you so much for your faithfulness in prayer!


Angels were seen during a prayer time before outreach. I thank God for your prayers which send angels our way to minister, protect, and guide.

Three NightLight women have joined the outreach team going into the bars. They are doing well and it is exciting to see them using their experience to be a blessing to other women.

Jeff and I are grateful for to be back at NightLight after 8 weeks away. Thank you to all who hosted us graciously and made our trip possible.

Your prayers made a difference for Pic and N-t who both, after a brief disappearing act, stayed at NightLight and persevered through the challenges that threatened their stability.

"N-t Jang" is doing really well at the rehab center. She is making friends, growing in her faith and enjoying helping others. Her letters are full of encouragement. Thank you for your prayers.

We are thankful to have Nuey join us on staff to direct the child care center. Nuey is a professional Montessori teacher and a mature believer. She also has experience working with Thai women in Hong Kong. We have 11 children in the center regularly and now more women are considering bringing their children to live with them in Bangkok.

Even though jewelry sales have been down, we are thankful that there were sufficient funds to pay the salaries over the summer.

Prayer Requests

Pray for Pic, N-t, and many other women who struggle to move forward and overcome the challenges that call them away.

"O-n" has been struggling with drug addiction and, after a one month probation, has returned pregnant. Pray that the drug addiction will be broken off of her, and the baby will grow healthy. A couple other women have tested positive for drugs. Pray they will be able to admit and accept the help they need.

We have many single mothers who struggle to pay the bills and care for their children. The temptation is great to send the children to live with grandparents. Pray for perseverance, wisdom, and provision.

There are also several young mothers with infants who are in abusive relationships. Please pray for their protection, for healing in the relationships, or else for the courage to leave for the safety of mother and child.

"Ay-mi," the young boy we rescued, is now in a government shelter, and we are not allowed to visit for a year. Pray that there will be healing in the relationship with his parents as well as for the deep psychological and emotional wounds.

We have many projects at NightLight that need funding (see below). Pray for provision.

We need to see an increase in the jewelry sales. Spread the word and pray for a breakthrough in the markets.

"N-n's" father just died on Thai Mother's Day. A group of NightLight women will be going to support her at the funeral. Pray for the family, for travel safety, and that the love of God will be evident bringing hope to the hopeless.

Special Urgent Need

One of the babies in our center has a deformed hand and is scheduled for surgery in mid-September. His mother is an employee of NightLight, and one of the few who keeps her children with her in spite of the challenges. The baby turns one soon, and this surgery is necessary for his  proper development. The cost is estimated to between 50,000-100,000 baht ( approximately $1800-$3000 US).

*Donations can be made on-line at, where for the above please specify "for baby's surgery". Thanks!

Thank you so much for your support. NL continues to grow and we are so grateful for your continual support and faithfulness. May God bless you abundantly and bring you great joy in knowing that your prayers and support are transforming lives and bringing God glory.
Annie Dieselberg
NightLight CEO

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