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Thinking about the fall...

September 1, 2010 Journal
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Well, it is that time again.  It is time for the beginning of school.  For our family (who began our kids education as homeschoolers) it is the first time that all of our kids have gone to school away from home every day.  As it is for all parents, so it is for us…a time of great reflection. 

How will they do?  What will they learn from their teachers that will change their lives?  What will they learn from their friends that will get them in trouble?  You know the drill.  We all go through it as parents…can I get a witness?

As I reflect this year I think back to when I was my kid's age.  The biggest thing on my mind was the Friday night football game or the game of capture the flag we were going to play this weekend.  There are many things that stood out, but one that is prominent is my parents.  I used to think they were crazy.  I used to think they didn't understand me or my friends.  As I look back on it with today's eyes, they were good parents and we had a good life because of them.  The one thing that my mom always said in those moments of conflict was, "Don't worry son, the older you get the smarter I will become."  She was right!  

I think it was because our perspectives change as we get older.  We see the world from different angles and through different lenses than we did when we were younger.  I see that now, but not just in terms of parenting.

I grew up in an American Baptist Church and heard all the time about something else in the fall of the year.  World Mission Offering.  For me it was something that was distant, something that we did for "those people" over there working with "that group."  Now it has taken on a whole new light.

World Mission Offering is a very personal thing for me now.  It is something that will enable my family and all of the other missionary families supported by International Ministries to make a difference around the world for the Kingdom of God.  World Mission Offering is a very simple way that you can join us in that work…His work.

So as one who is in the process of raising support for his family to make the first steps of the adventure of our calling to Bolivia as missionaries, let me encourage you.  Give to the World Mission Offering this year.  Partner with us as we partner with the Almighty and do His work all around the globe.  I bet if you do you will find your perspective just might change too.

May the God of all grace and mercy grant you peace as you support His work around the world!