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Robyn Smith Returns to Colombia

September 9, 2010 Journal
Hi friends,

I hope you are making a good transition from summer to fall.  It is strange that it is only the beginning of September, because we have been in school for more than a month.  I’ve been thinking of you all at home quite a bit, so write me to let me know how you’re doing.  And as always, I depend on your prayers.  Here’s a little of what’s going on with me to help you as you pray for God’s work at El Camino Academy.

My life here is back in full swing- God has blessed me with lots of opportunities to do ministry this year so far.  I’m keeping busy with my four classes- 2 chemistry, physical science and biology.  Praise the Lord that the second year of teaching is much easier, and we have a new principal that challenges me to be more organized.  The first two pictures are from a biology project my 10th graders did.  They are very eager learners and have high standards for themselves, which manifests itself in their excellent schoolwork.  Please pray that I can be an excellent teacher and example for my students.

Yet more important than the academic side of school are discipleship opportunities.  This year I am discipling 2 senior girls and leading the senior girls small group.  As a small group, we’re learning about the importance of routines and daily devotions that strengthen our relationships with God.  My desire for the girls is that they establish good habits that keep them close to God wherever they are next year after graduating.   Can you help me to pray for them this year?  

This year I am also helping with student council- we have a great team of leaders at school this year.  We had a retreat for them about being godly leaders, and last Friday they held their first event, a get-to-know time for the student body, which was very successful.  The next day was our first student outreach day, so I went with the seniors to an orphanage to lead crafts, singing and games for the kids (see third picture).  Outreach days are often difficult, but I feel useful.  I have to challenge myself to focus on the love the kids need instead of my discomfort.  And I praise the Lord for opportunities to serve with my students.

            Since God has me busy giving this year, I also have to make sure I’m receiving from God so I have from which to give.  I love challenges in life because they force me to rely on God.  So this year I’m in a Bible study again with teachers from school and a young adult group at my church.  This weekend is a retreat for school, and the following weekend is a church retreat.  Those are always great learning times.  I’ll also have a refreshing week in October when I’m coming home!  That’s right, I have an interview at UCONN Medical School on October 8 and the Commonwealth Medical College on October 15 (praise the Lord!  Pray that they go well!) and will get to go to some good friends’ wedding on October 9.  That week we have off from school, so I can rest at home with friends and family before returning to Bogotá on October 18.  I am blown away by how God worked out that timing.  I know that God has great plans for my future- med school or not- and I see that He takes care of us now.  

Blessings this week and in your futures.  Remember Jer 29:11-14 tells us “For I know the plans I have for you, declares the LORD, plans for wholesome and not for evil, to give you a future and a hope.  Then you will call upon me and come and pray to me, and I will hear you.  You will seek me and find me.  When you seek me with all your heart, I will be found by you.”  So let’s live this promise and trust in the LORD, wherever you hear Him calling you!

In Christ’s service,


Robyn teaches at El Camino Academy in Bogota, Columbia. She is a member of Second Baptist Church in Suffield, CT.