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The Gift of Sending

September 19, 2010 Journal
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The Gift of Sending…


“I could never do what you do,” the woman said to me after I shared in her church about our mission work with African immigrants and victims of the sex industry in Italy.  Don’t speak Italian?  Don’t live in Italy?  Don’t have access to 30 immigrant churches?  It’s OK!  We will handle that part!

You send Debbie to teach these women's Bible study.


“But, you be a sender!”  In case you haven’t heard it yet, YOU are invited to share personally in this journey!  You can exercise the gift of sending that God has given you, and this is a great week to start!   The Extra Lift Matching Fund offer lasts until Sept. 27!


Imagine we visited in your church this Sunday.  Would you/could you drop $20 in a love offering basket?  Consider this your basket and drop in the first $20 or $30 or $40 or $50 or more…either by giving online or completing the form below and putting it in the mail with your check.  Take the risk of making a commitment, and, since you are able to send the first gift, my hunch is you’ll be able to do that every month.  If you want a card mailed to you for an automatic deduction, just email us.   Nike advises:  Just Do It! 


October 1 brings a 50% increase in our monthly support goal as additional pieces of our ministry costs including housing and ministry expenses (gas, train tickets, etc.) are added to the amount we are asked to raise.  Just when we thought we were getting to the summit (averaging 70% of our monthly Missionary Partnership Network goal with consistent gifts from individuals and churches), we find there is another peak.  Our peaks are higher than the average missionary cost with our mission because of the higher cost of doing ministry in northern Italy than in many parts of the world.  We are encouraged to learn from staff that we are doing well in total dollars raised compared to colleagues, but we have a higher mountain to climb. 


Exercise your gift of sending and we will keep doing what we do!  


Your missionaries in Italy,

Debbie (along with Jim, Luke and Ben) Kelsey


Please join the 56 churches and 59 individuals who support the Kelseys’mission work in Italy!   

The Kelseys must double their monthly support pledges.  Your gifts of $20 to $100 per month will be doubled, thanks to the Extra Lift Matching Fund program.  Before Sept. 27, enclose your check with this form or go online and make your first monthly gift at   Gifts are tax-deductible.

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Yes!  I will give the Kelseys’ Mission Work an Extra Lift! 

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