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November 3, 2010 Journal
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This is a blog from a medical mission trip to Bolivia this month that I had the priviledge of co-leading.  To read all of the blogs and see some of the pictures click here (home church's website). 

Clinic Day #3: Kumi Center


For some of us, today was a return to a familiar place.  The Kumi center is a place that is a kind of day-center for severely handicapped children in Cochabamba.  In June, the youth from SPBC went there as we painted the entire center inside and out.  Today, this center for kids, was transformed into a medical center so that we could see one-hundred and eighty five people. 

The atmosphere was wonderful.  As always the people were so grateful it was humbling for us.  A couple of neat stories.  One man came to the clinic.  In his exam he told us that he was a teacher at the school near the center.  Teaching was his passion and he loved help kids better themselves, but his career had taken a nosedive because his vision had become so poor he couldn’t even grade papers.  He said, “My eyes are ruining my career!”  Cathy Posey (one of the team) reached into her bag and pulled out the donated reading glasses she brought.  She put them on his nose, and in seconds he began to weep.  He hadn’t lost his passion after all.  It was a moment that makes me cry thinking about it.  How something so simple can make such a profound difference in someone’s life.  We gave out about 15 pairs of glasses this morning.

Another one of the doctors commented about the gratitude of the people.  “At home, I do a lot ofpro bono work and when you do that at home the people think ‘Oh, he’s the rich doctor…he should give me my appointment for free.’  Today was the first day anyone has ever looked me in the eye and said ‘thank you’ for helping them.  It was truly an amazing moment.”

All those were great and there are many more stories like it, but there is one more fact I need to share with you.  There are 4 stations in the clinic: Medical, Dental, Nutrition and Spiritual.  The real reason we came to Bolivia was because the love of Christ compels us to help others.  We give medical, but the reason we are here is to share the gospel.  We have been doing that regularly, but today in the spiritual section, six people accepted Christ as their personal Lord and Savior and were welcomed into the family of God.  WOO HOO!!!  That is what it is all about people!  That statistic is the most important one of the whole trip.  I get chills just writing about it.  GOD IS GOOD ---- ALL THE TIME!

How beautiful on the mountains, are the feet of them that bring good news  --Isaiah 52.7