International Ministries

Pray for Annie and Jeff Dieselberg

December 7, 2010 PrayerCall
Annie writes: At the end of October the NightLight church enjoyed an incredible retreat.  3 women were baptized as well as the 15 year old son of one of the women.  One of the NightLight women brought along 7 friends from her neighborhood. Five of them accepted Christ.

During time in the U.S. with some of our staff, a young Russian woman, a trafficked victim, was noticed on a street in Los Angeles.  We took her to lunch and it became apparent that she was both shell-shocked and had nowhere to stay.  She was taken to a center in LA where she is receiving some care. 

We will be holding another party in our outreach center as we did a few months ago. 10 women from the red-light district will be invited to a Christmas party that will be run by some of the NightLight women.

December 17 is the NightLight Christmas Party. This is always a wonderful celebration and we pray that each woman feels truly celebrated and thankful for the season of remembering the incarnate Christ. After this NightLight is closed for a 2 week holiday. Many of the women will use this break to return to their home towns.