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Shelter in the Time of Storm

January 4, 2011 Journal
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Recently I spent a day at Miqlat Ministry, a shelter ministry under the Nagaland Baptist Churches Convention Women Department.  A faith based venture relying on support of churches and individuals, Miqlat provides shelter and counseling to women who are sex workers, school drop-outs, abused, and/or HIV positive.

Training for the women is provided in soap, candle, card making, catering, embroidery, knitting, laundry, and tailoring.  The women are expected to attend at least four days a week for three months.  Nurses training and computer training is often provided through outside sources.  The training provides alternatives to women in crisis, and attempts to help bring “Naga women into the 21st Century”.

Retreats, seminars, Bible studies, and sports are a vital part of the ministry of Miqlat.  A maximum of 7-8 residents makes counseling a family oriented process.

Activities at the center are only half of the Miqlat story.  Six days a week, workers go into the slums of Dimapur and encourage the women who are still caught up in drugs, alcohol and sex work.    They make about sixty visits each week, sharing Christ’s Love and praying with those they meet, many of whom are forced by their husbands to sell rice beer.  Sometimes they will spend weeks talking to a particular woman with no results, but they keep returning.

Staffed entirely by women, resources are always needed in a Ministry like Miqlat, but there is also a current need for a business manager and a web designer. 

If you would like to know more about this ministry, or would like to work alongside these women as they minister to downtrodden of Dimapur, please contact me, Deb Mulneix.

If you would like to give to this mission project, you can read more about the Miqlat Ministry by clicking here.

May God Bless you and your Church as we enter into another year of service to the Lord.