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7 Brand New Videos About Haiti One Year Later

January 18, 2011 Article


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Seven new mini-videos that highlight American Baptist contributions in Haiti are now available for churches and individuals. View and download the 3-minute videos from the IM website at


Use these videos as educational support in Mission Moments, Bible study and Sunday School classes. These are uniquely American Baptist reports and stories that you won’t see on CNN or anywhere else in the major news media.



See what happened to International Ministries’ media team in the video Introduction: Haiti Seeds of Hope.   Their plans to document progress on projects supported by American Baptist contributions was turned upside down when violence erupted on the streets of Haiti, but they found stories of hope in unexpected places.


See the story of volunteers from First Baptist Church of Hamilton, OH  in the video Your Financial Gifts Making a Difference.  They helped put a roof on the men’s dorm at the University of Northern Haiti for displaced students from Port-au-Prince.  This was possible to thanks to the $2.8 million dollars given by American Baptist for Haiti relief and rebuilding. 


See the stories of IM Missionaries Making a Difference during the aftermath of the earthquake.  The relationships they’ve built, proved invaluable in Haiti’s hours of greatest need.


See the story of Danice in the video One Woman Making a Difference. “I know this all comes from God,” Nathacha said. “This is God’s love. I lost everything, but someone that I didn’t even know took me in. Now, I am able to sus­tain myself and do my work again. This is God’s miracle.”


See the story of the First Baptist Church of Plaine du Nord in the video One Church Making a Difference. “Many people call our city the ‘capital of super­stition’ due to the mystic pool nearby where many celebrate evil spirits,” pastor Metelus ex­plains. See how the First Bap­tist Church of Plaine du Nord praises God in the midst of a traditional voodoo culture.


See the story of how the Haitian Baptist Convention Hospital’s new spinal cord injury center is helping 26 Haitians injured during and after the earthquake in the video One Hospital Making a Differ­ence.  Like nearly every patient, Sam was not expected to live….


See the story of strengthen­ing local healthcare services to benefit 70,000 people in northern Haiti in the video One Community Making a Difference. Through IM’s partnership with IMA World Health, people are getting safe and clean water which helps prevent disease.