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2017/2018 Teachers/Administrative Staff Needed in Chiang Rai, Thailand (Volunteer Opportunity)

January 11, 2017 Opportunity

The Chiang Rai International Christian School URGENTLY NEEDS volunteer teachers and administrative staff for the upcoming school year. The school's mission is to "serve the servants" in the beautiful and tropical Golden Triangle area of Northern Thailand.

Would you consider volunteering to serve in Chiang Rai?  This is a GREAT place for retirees to serve!  

"When you still have a passion for teaching and the time, energy, and encouragement from the Lord, you'll be blessed by teaching in another culture as a volunteer.  It will stimulate your creativity and challenge you to adjust when your usual resources are not around the corner.  I found it wonderful to have smaller class sizes.  The students, missionary parents, and non-Christian parents express their appreciation frequently.  What a joy to teach the Bible and apply spiritual thinking to every part of the curriculum." Sandy Michael, CRICS volunteer eight years, Thailand

 "Teachers never quit teaching; they just change venues.   For retired teachers CRICS (and some of our other ABC related schools) provides a new venue to continue teaching, to continue learning, to continue meeting daily educational challenges, as well as an opportunity to mentor younger teachers, to encourage parents, and continue to engage with students.  Teachers and administrators with faith, compassion, and years of classroom experience are greatly needed in this developing school.  What better "capstone" for your teaching career than a continuing adventure at CRICS? We encourage others to follow the Lord's retirement plan and to continue their professional journeys." Jane and Morley Langdon, CRICS volunteers four years, Thailand

2017/21018 Staff Needs

Please note: Applications for any positions in K-12 will be accepted even if not listed below.

  • IT Director
  • Secondary English Language Arts Teacher
  • Elementary Teacher
  • Music Teacher (K-12)
  • Art Teacher (K-12)

Please contact if you are interested in applying for a position not listed.

We welcome applications from retired teachers and from recent college graduates.  We specifically need certified teachers or those with a college degree to commit to teaching for a year or more. We would also welcome help in the form of short-term projects and service.

Hear what Ruth Fox has to say about CRICS  in this video:

Check out the CRICS website at and email for more information. 

 If you are interested in volunteering with International Ministries, please contact us at 1-800-222-3872 ext 2366, or email us at  Find out more information about volunteering with International Ministries at