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Reed All About It: April 2011 Edition

March 31, 2011 Journal
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As we get closer and closer to the time we will leave for the field we realize how crucial communication with our support family becomes.  We are so thankful for the IM website and the ways it makes it easy to get in touch with friends around the world.

Another way that we are going to stay in touch with you is through a bi-monthly (*at-least) newsletter called, "Reed All About It."  It will be a one page PDF that will serve 2 purposes...first, it's another to help us tell our supporters how God is making a difference in Bolivia, and second, to be reproducible so that churches can use it easily (newsletters, bulletins, etc.).  

Click on the link below to have the PDF come up in your web-browser.  Thanks again for your support.  As of this morning, we have raised over 95% of our total support.

Reed All About It: April 2011 edition


PS - once we get on the field, to be good stewards of our resources, we will likely only physically mail these to churches.  If you wish to personally receive yours as a paper copy in the mail, please contact us through the website and let us know.  Thanks.