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The Savage Expedition of Unknown Length Update

May 12, 2011 Journal

Here we are four months into our year of adventure and service in Costa Rica.  What have we learned? Have we done any good by being here?  Is this place better for us being here?  Questions such as these are daily discussed between the two of us, and we are finding them much more difficult to answer since leaving the Alajualita church building site.  When we were there it was easy to look at a completed wall or poured floor and know that we had helped construct a house of worship for God.  Now, I only wish that we could look into the future of each of our students and know that the English we are teaching them will benefit them some day in a way that will greatly improve their lives.  But alas, we can not know that.  Have we done any good by being here? 

We have recently realized that we are not going to receive any great encouragement or thanks from the Ticos (Costa Ricans).  It isn’t really in the culture of the Caribbean coast to freely give out thanks, and we can’t expect them to understand what we have given up to be here.  More often we find that we take flak for being in a place where we are always thought of as tourists-that-can’t-speak-the-local-language.  But, “pura vida” (it’s all good).  We know that this is part of our learning experience.  We are all called to do good to the “widows and orphans” (James 1:27) and those that won’t be able to repay us with anything (even words).  We are working on it!

We continue contemplating these things and trying to adjust our course so that we are doing everything we can to help while we are here.  Thank you for all of your prayers.

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