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Attendees at Global Conference on Prostitution Experience "Joy Coming and Peace Going"

June 5, 2011 Journal
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We left our homes in 40 countries in joyous anticipation.  We did our share of bursting into song and clapping our hands.  And, now, we have returned to our ministries in greater peace. 


It may not have been exactly what the prophet Isaiah had in mind, but it is an apt description of our experience during “Joy!”— the Global Conference on Prostitution.  This event was jointly sponsored by the International Christian Alliance on Prostitution (ICAP), the Green Lake Conference Center and International Ministries, with additional scholarships provided by American Baptist Women’s Ministries. 


We experienced the Joy of Restoration hearing how God called people out of difficult situations and healed their inner broken places.  We experienced the same joy in our own lives basking in the beauty of Green Lake in the spring!


We experienced the Joy of Learning as we participated in workshops on everything from “Self-care” to “Men as a Part of the Solution to the Problem of Sexual Exploitation” to “Worship Dance” (workshop photo of New Life Center staff member). 


We felt the Joy of a Burden Shared, quickly bonding with new friends and reconnecting with old friends who understand the struggles of ministry to women and men in the sex industry.


The Joy of Fellowship kept us chatting through every break and running at the last minute to the next sessions. 


The Joy of Diversity reminded us that God’s servants come in many shapes, sizes and colors and that “God is so Good” rings more heavenly with each new language in which it is sung. 


The Joy of Service was sweeter than ever as we realized with what a great cloud of witnesses we are surrounded in ministry!  And, as we heard others recount their stories of God’s blessing in their service, we were reminded of the joy in our own service which is easy to forget in the daily routine. 


Thank you, International Ministries partners, for helping to make “Joy!” possible.  You are in the forefront of a global movement to rid the world of slavery for sexual exploitation in the 21st Century!  May you continue to go out in joy and be led forth with peace!