International Ministries

English Teacher Needed for Seminary in China

June 6, 2011 News
International Ministries has an urgent need for a person who would serve as a teacher of college-level English as a Foreign Language at the Nanjing Union Theological Seminary in China.  As a member of the Nanjing Seminary community, this person will relate personally with men and women preparing to serve Christ as leaders in the Church in China. 


The courses taught prepare seminary students for biblical and theological studies in English. Responsibilities also include the making and marking of standardized English exams. Background and/or certification in ESL or EFL, as well as familiarity with biblical and theological concepts and language would be preferred qualifications for this position.  Some knowledge of Chinese would be helpful, but not required.


In addition to teaching at the Seminary, this person will occasionally preach in Seminary worship services, and will assist with oversight of variety of projects in China supported by American Baptist Churches.


A candidate for this ministry will need to quickly complete IM’s application and screening process for endorsement, and then build a Partnership Network to provide the prayer, encouragement, and financial support needed to underwrite this ministry.  For more information, contact IM’s Director of Recruitment, Jim Bell, at