International Ministries

Praise and Prayers for the semester

October 4, 2007 Journal
Greetings from the Philippines! Well, what have we "been up to" here on this mountain?! Since we live on the seminary campus and in community with the students, our lives are an open book and sometimes an open house and schedule! The second term which began August 14th is on its last week. Then we have one week break before third term. Unfortunately, the boys' break is a different time than PBTS break! Flint taught three classes and Deb taught one class this term. Flint also is supervising two graduate students with their dissertation process, along with administering ABGTS. This takes a lot of time and focus for Flint! He has also preached a lot in churches, chapel, and special events. I have enjoyed teaching counseling to about 16 students who are from the Philippines, Korea, and Myanmar. It is so interesting to watch them grow and change and reflect on the needs of their own culture in regards to counseling and pastoral care. In addition, I have spent time mentoring many individuals and specific counseling needs. This is truly an important part of our ministry here. Also, I minister at Brent International School every Monday and Wednesday. I lead a parent2parent support group and also a Moms-in-Touch Prayer Group. The Lord is always surprising me with the people who show up and their needs. Other times I get discouraged when only one or two come! However, I believe it is important because there are many unbelievers at this school and many students and families who have problems. Finally, Ben and Chris have adjusted to the beginning of another school year! There have been some teacher problems and other disappointing issues for them this year already, but the Lord has encouraged us and prayers have lifted us. Ben is taking guitar lessons and Chris is taking drum lessons. Both of them are progressing fast and have been invited to play in some praise bands at some local churches! Both boys hope to play basketball later this fall. PRAISES Recovered health after the flu for Flint and Deb Protection and safety Answered prayers in difficult situations with relationships Youth group for Ben and Chris Opportunities to witness to friends of Chris (In particular, pray for Chris's friend Mark, to whom Chris is witnessing.) Answered prayers of healing for family members in the States New graduate students enrolled at ABGTS from Myanmar Our only seminary student from Nepal forming a vision for reaching his people after graduation from seminary American Baptist Churches following God in missions Prayer support from churches for us as missionaries-very encouraging! PETITIONS Threats of violent gangs in Baguio increasing (especially high school age) 7pm curfew for minors Deb wanting to start a Bible study for the employees of the grocery store we are patrons at (Owners are Buddhist) Prayers for Myanmar -- we have about eight students from there now at the seminary Prayers for strength against spiritual warfare both at the seminary and the boys' school Prayers for guidance and wisdom as we teach, preach, counsel, and mentor Prayers for us as parents, particularly with teenagers living overseas Prayers for God's guidance as we return to the U.S. next June More needed financial support for this year John Ball, our BIM volunteer who is a dorm resident at the International School and youth minister for MK's Ben and Chris in their school life: academics, friendships, peer pressures, sports, and positive witness and faith. Debbie and Flint Miller