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The Green Lantern, MTI and thoughts about calling...

July 1, 2011 Journal
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It has been one crazy-busy summer already…and it just started officially yesterday!  In the midst of frantically packing up our home and either selling, storing, packing or shipping everything we own, I had some time to go see a great movie with a good friend tonight.  We went and saw one of the first big superhero movies of the summer blockbuster season…The Green Lantern™.  Before I share it with you (don’t worry I won’t give anything away), let me bring you up to speed as it has been a while since I have posted…

At the end of May, our family of 5 traveled to Palmer Lake, CO, for a training called SPLICE at a place called Mission Training International (MTI).  As we boarded the plane, we were heading to training as a “requirement” to be fulfilled.  When we got there, God pleasantly surprised us with three weeks of learning and growing, as well as a great group of missionaries just like us.  There were over 60 of us (45 adults, 22 kids) who are going to 22 countries through 23 sending organizations.  As the time went on we developed close relationships with these wonderful people.  We shared the common bond of calling and the brotherhood/sisterhood of the grace of Jesus Christ.  It was a life-changing experience.  At the end of the three weeks, we left enriched.  We felt the call of God and the love of friends as we drove off in tears to a chorus of good-byes and we-love-yous.  On the first day, our instructor, Robin told us, “When you leave MTI we want it to hurt…it means you have loved well and been loved.”  We certainly felt that to be true.

As we boarded the plane home we were looking forward to our move to Bolivia even more now (if that is possible).  Since arriving our pace has been building in speed like a hurricane hitting the coast.  Between packing, cleaning, and everything else, we have been running at full speed.  We are now 27 days from leaving for the adventure and challenges of the next part of our journey in following Christ.

On Thursday, we (the adults) will board another plane.  This time to the ABCUSA’s Biennial in Puerto Rico.  It is here that we will help represent IM to the people of the ABC-USA.  While there we will worship, meet and greet, setup and cleanup, and most importantly enjoy our first opportunity to see what the ABC-USA and it’s affiliate ministries are like on such a grand stage.  When we get home we will have 18 days before our commissioning and 21 before we leave.  What a crazy schedule

Now back to the movie…

The premise of the Green Lantern is that when a vacancy comes open on the green lantern core, the ring goes and finds a suitable person to fill the spot.  As I walked out of the movie I began to think about my calling.  It is why missionaries go to foreign countries and pastors enter the ministry!  It is something that is mysterious and tangible both at the same time.  It is the sense that you have been chosen or adopted into a eternal family that is full of interesting encounters and large challenges.  But no matter where we go, our calling remains.  Praise God for the calling he gives us all to be more like him and do His work in this world!  Amen.