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What Haven't You Heard About the Church in Cuba?

October 25, 2011 Journal
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Did you know that Cuba currently has the fastest church growth rate of any of our mission partners in Latin America? Did you know that International Ministries has been partnering with Baptists in Cuba for more than 50 years? Did you know I have begun a new phase of my ministry?


My current ministry transition is the result of the successful completion of the first of several leader training assessments for which I am responsible in Latin America. As I look back I give thanks for the incredible opportunities that I have had to learn from, partner with, and encourage youth, women, congregations, and community development projects in El Salvador. I feel most honored to have provided support to several community service and development initiatives of Baptist Federation churches through training project participants, mentoring and supporting new leaders, and providing administrative assistance in grant writing and donor reporting.


As I look forward I see infinite possibilities to serve, partner with, and encourage our Baptist brothers and sisters in Cuba! Rapid church growth creates an increasing demand for new leaders. As Cuba enters in to a period of significant social change, church leaders will need to be prepared to respond spiritually and socially to new challenges.


As long-time partners in mission with Cuba, International Ministries wants to ensure that we continue to provide adequate and appropriate support to Cuba in the midst of growth and change. For these reasons, Cuba will be the second country in my regional assessment of leadership training. I have initiated my new project with a period of extensive study and orientation to Cuba.  Due to the complexity of relations between Cuba and the US, I will be traveling back and forth to Cuba rather than residing full-time in Cuba. While in the US my ministry base will be in the Valley Forge, PA area.


I would deeply appreciate your prayers for:

·      Healthy & sustainable growth of sister churches in 2 Cuban Baptist partner conventions

·      Easy insertion & profound relationships with new partners in mission

·      Travel safety


Thank you again for your continued prayers and support. Would you like to become a new supporter? Click Give on my missionary profile page.