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Go Big!

June 28, 2012 Journal
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Go Big! 

It’s a phrase that has crept into my life several times lately:

1)      In May, I had the privilege of serving as program coordinator for World Mission Conference 2012 – Hear the Call.  When I commented one morning on the impact of the tech coordinator’s bright orange shirt, he said, “Go big or stay home!  That’s my motto!”  Over the course of the week in which we worked closely together, I learned that this brother lives out “going big” in his work.  His passion for producing a multimedia platform from which missions can be made real to people is fantastic.  He took my meager ideas and helped make them into something bigger and more beautiful than I could have imagined.  His gift of using technology to God’s glory was inspiring. 

2)      In April, our older son Luke chose Denison University for his college studies.  The University’s motto is “Go Big Red!”  This encourages me to say to Luke, “Go ahead, Luke!”  “Go for whatever your heart cries out for you to become!”  “Go find your calling!”  “Go knowing that we are always here to welcome you, no matter how many miles may separate us geographically.”  “Go, my son, in God’s grace, in a big way!” 

3)      And, finally, “Go big” is resounding in my ear as I reflect on the 10 year anniversary of our service with International Ministries.  We are back in the US to share in churches for an extended period now and to continue to build our network of supporting mission partners.  Our five years in Italy have brought immeasurable growth and challenge to us, and we thank God for each step of the journey.  We are “going big” while envisioning how God will continue to use us, trusting God to continue to grow us up into God’s image.  Personally, I will be continuing to foster growth in the network of evangelicals in Italy who are reaching out to women in prostitution.  “Go big” means that after 10 years I know how to continue to work alongside people using SKYPE and email even in this time of living far away. 

Surely, God has “gone big” in Jesus Christ!  What a joy to be an ambassador of Jesus’ love on your behalf! 

For those of you who would like to “go big” in involvement in our mission work before July 31st, matching funds are available for first-time donations and for “over-and-above” contributions from donors who give consistently.  Give online at: or mail a check marked “Ongoing Support-Kelseys-Italy” to International Ministries, PO Box 851, Valley Forge, PA 19482-0851, Attn:  Missionary Partnership Networks.  Gifts will be matched until all funds designated for the matching program have been depleted.

Your missionaries in Italy,

Debbie (along with Jim, Ben and Luke)