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Congo Mission 2012 Update, from Raymond Bunn, DR Congo

July 5, 2012 Journal

Raymond Bunn is the pastor of Boykins Baptist Church, in Boykins, VA.  God called him to the Democratic Republic of Congo in 2007 through Dr. Bill Clemmer.  Raymond has returned each year, serving for several weeks each summer. This journal is his first letter to the churches from Congo Mission 2012.  Raymond will be serving in Congo through August 5th.  Please keep him and the communities he serves in your prayers.


It has been said that a bad beginning makes for a good ending. Departure from Dulles was stressful and confusing. Korean Air occupied all AirFrance counters until 1pm. Aaron made excellent time and we arrived at 11:30am. Hurry up and wait! New weight limits on carryon luggage caused me to have to repack all bags on the floor of the airport. The result was paying extra baggage and overweight fees on the trunk. With the gracious help of the AirFrance manager, we regrouped and were taken immediately through check in. I was on the plane and in the air before Aaron could leave the airport due to heavy traffic. Departure was one of stress, confusion and disappointment.

The situation turned around when I was departing DeGaulle Airport. My boarding pass was taken, scanned and suddenly torn in half. Before I could question it, I was handed a new boarding pass and told I had been upgraded to First Class! The question, “Who did this?” received no answer. I know whose finger prints it has all over it. When I got on the plane and the stewardess “took me to my seat,” I found myself in the first seat on the plane. In front of me was a wall and behind it the pilot. After drinks, hors d’oeuvres, and a five star meal, I put on the warm socks, washed my face with the hot cloth and slept until Kinshasa. To Whom It May Concern….THANK YOU!!  FYI…I will be returning August 5th!

CongoMission2012, it was hoped, would be the completion of the solar lighting for the hospital and renovation of the church in Kikongo. The clean water project – new ram pumps (2008), reconstruction of three large cisterns (2009), installation of clean water faucets throughout the hospital and public areas in community (2010) – was completed in 2011. THANK YOU! Solar units were installed in OR, maternity and pediatrics in 2010/2011. Emergency Room, Laboratory and General Surgery were planned for completion this mission. Word came two weeks ago from Glen and Rita Chapman saying that, due to medical concerns, their return from the year of furlough would be delayed until the end of July. I am scheduled to leave August 5th. The church cannot be completed until Glen returns to supervise scraping and painting. We are in process of considering our solar lighting options. I am hopeful, prayerful, it will be that we can begin installation while I am here, even if it must be completed after my departure. 

Why? The life of one surrendered to Holy God is not one of control. It is one of “where He leads me, I will follow.” His ways are not our ways. His ways are holy and loving and good. We are prostrate before Him listening and waiting………”Speak, Lord, Thy servant heareth.”

*****Restore unto me the joy of Thy salvation and renew a right spirit within me, O God****

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