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Kelseys - 10 Year Anniversary - Debbie Staying Put - Jim on to New Things

July 29, 2012 Journal
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In case you missed our last journal, big transitions are coming up in our lives as a family. 

Assuming all parties involved vote "yes" in August, I (Debbie) am transitioning to serving as a regional missionary with International Ministries, working out of New York State and traveling to Italy and other parts of Europe to:  1) continue to nurture the anti-trafficking work of Italian Baptists and other evangelical groups in Italy and to 2) continue to partner with the European Baptist Federation's Anti-trafficking Workgroup, helping with education and communication and network conference coordination.  

Why would I serve Europe based out of NY State?  It is because Jim has been called as Executive Minister of American Baptist Churches of New York State.  He officially begins there on August 16. 

I will continue with full-time deputation in churches through the fall, so, if you haven't scheduled a visit yet, write me or call Intl. Ministries office (800)ABC-3USA for my number.  I will do my best to get to your church. 

We rejoice that as we celebrate our 10 years of mission service with International Ministries on August 1, we can look forward to this new phase of our ministry.  We covet your prayers for our family in this transition.  We are excited for this opportunity for Jim to use all the gifts given him by God in this new ministry, and I am excited about new possibilities for the anti-trafficking work that focusing on this alone will allow me.  I am in frequent contact with the the people with whom I've been partnering in Italy, so there is continuity with the work, even as I do deputation here. 

Please continue your financial support of the mission work I am doing.  This will allow me to focus more on ministry and less on reaching the support goal.   I am responsible to be supported at 100% of my personalized support goal to carry on this work.  While living in the US will help lower some of my costs, traveling to Europe for work will, obviously, have its own costs. 

God bless you all! 

Debbie (along with Jim, Luke, and Ben) Kelsey