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Nighlight Bangkok Needs Volunteer Teams (Volunteer Opportunity)

July 1, 2017 Opportunity

Teams are invited to serve with Nightlight Bangkok in a variety of ways. Plan to spend a week, with five days of service.  Bring up to ten people on the team.  Teach a skill to residents...something you do as a hobby like photography or baking. Participate in worship with skits, teach Sunday School during chapel times, pray with the residents... there's more...   

Build relationships with neighborhood and red light district  - (prepare parties inviting folks from red light district – must treat with love and respect the men visiting red light districts for services) 

Male volunteers are needed for relationship building with boys living in residence...looking for good male role models!

Participate in VBS – Twice a year:  Mid March – End April,  October (one month school break) 

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 If you are interested in volunteering with International Ministries, please contact us at 1-610-768-2245 , or email us at  Find out more information about volunteering with International Ministries at