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D. Kelsey - What was the Pretty Part of that Iceberg?

August 28, 2012 Journal
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The pastoral care counselor presented a picture of an iceberg.  It was a beautiful image showing a glistening smooth icy peak above the water and a much larger rougher icy base below the water.  Above and below the water's surface, the iceberg was one mass with glorious and treacherous surfaces at the same time.  "This is a picture of transition," he told us. 

We are blessed that your support of International Ministries (IM) made possible the week-long Conference for Missionaries this summer.  In this retreat setting, we had the chance not only to catch up on things like the state of IM and the state of ABC-USA, but also to be ministered to by a wonderful pastoral couple. 

She taught us holy breathing techniques.  What a blessing to be reminded that breathing itself is sacred!  He reminded us that transitioning back to life in the U.S., whether for a few months or permanently, brings inherent glorious moments (for me some of those are hugging extended family more often, seeing friends, sharing in churches, eating my favorite bagels) and inherent moments of unease (for me those would be packing and unpacking the family so many times this summer, especially in these last weeks while we wait to move into our home, and being anxious to keep lines of communication open with the anti-trafficking network in Italy).  

This image of the iceberg has been powerful for me.  It comes to me like a prayer when I am bumping up against the treacherous bottom of the iceberg and reminds me that it is a normal place to be in such a huge transition. 

This week please pray with me for these uneasy challenges:

-I fell and broke my radial bone (just below wrist) yesterday.  Pray the CT scan will show the bone still in position and not requiring surgery. 

-Ben starts his junior year in his new high school on Sept. 5.  

-Luke is having foot trouble that makes getting around Denison's steep hills very hard. 

And, the dog is sick...So, for now, I'm just breathing and thanking God that Jim is so supportive, we'll be in our new home on Sept. 7, Ben has a great school and wonderful guidance counselor, friends of friends have come to Luke's rescue this week, and I broke the non-dominant hand's neighbor bone and can type with one hand!

Your missionary against sexual exploitation in Europe,

Debbie Kelsey

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