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Debbie Kelsey - Critters or Creatures?

October 22, 2012 Journal
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He was right there! 

I couldn't get to the cellphone quickly enough to snap a picture of the furry, chubby, black squirrel, but he was right there in the middle of the sunniest part of the picture!  You missed him, but at least you get a picture of the view from my new journal writing station in my office of our new home in CNY (Central New York, as the locals seem to write it). 

Having worked from a desk in our living room for the last five years, it is a beautiful thing to have a workspace from which I can close the door and make an exit when quitin' time comes. 

"Quitin'"...there, it leaked Southern accent.  I must remember to say "quitting" here in CNY lest others not understand me, but the beauty of fall, the cool fall mornings and the numerous critters I see scampering about, even from my new workspace, bring out the Southern girl in me who used to love sitting in the woods with her daddy watching for deer. 

I still watch for deer, but now I do it from the driver's seat of my deputationmobile/car.  I've seen too many dead ones to count, and even 5 lives ones.  Thankfully, the live ones all remained on the side of the road while I passed.  My constant prayer this fall as I travel the roads of various states to find you in your local churches is that I won't turn any of God's critters into roadkill.  When I do pass an already-defunct critter, I continue my musings about how to turn roadkill into a business as mission to provide employment for women who need alternatives to prostitution.  I haven't come up with any ideas worth savoring along that line.  Don't bother to tell me there are cookbooks for roadkill.  I'm a southerner...I know that already, but I don't think roadkill dishes would go over big even here in rural CNY. 

Whether you live where people call animals "creatures" or "critters", it is a joy to be with you on this side of "the pond" (the Atlantic).  I pray that the majesty of our Creator's handiwork will enrich your faith this fall. 

Please pray for:

-me as I work to become rooted in CNY while fulfilling my deputation commitments.  "Home" is coming along quite well, and we will be in good shape when the first snow flies.  

-my in-laws who both have terminal illnesses and are in a nursing home in Ohio.  

-the outreach group in Bologna who are helping two women from the street start a cleaning business.

Your regional missionary to Europe for anti-trafficking issues,

Debbie Kelsey