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Agriculture/Farm Volunteer, Cambodia with Jumpah (Volunteer Opportunity)

August 16, 2016 Opportunity

Jumpah services provide real opportunities and restore genuine hope. Orphans, widows and poor Cambodians have limited opportunities to reach their full potential as people created in the image of God.  Jumpah encourages, nurtures and enables at least some to blossom and grow.  You can help! The opportunity for an internship in agriculture/farming includes providing leadership in managing, planning and operating a small but very diverse farm with a small group of Cambodian workers with the goal of becoming as profitable as possible while employing culturally-appropriate and sustainable strategies. Developing relationship with and help to mentor one staff member to become the future farm manager (Jumpah will identify person and help you). Other objectives will depend on the unique qualifications and desires of the intern. Farm activities include vegetable gardens, raising and breeding pigs, bio gas / methane production, use of slurry, drip irrigation, fish ponds, raising chickens, composting, and more.

Partners: Tim and Darlene Ratzloff


Living conditions

Intern will live on the site of Jumpah activities in a rural setting. The room will most likely be a cement room with a tile roof and would provide privacy. The room would include access to electricity, a separate toilet/bathing room, and clean water. Appropriate conditions will be provided to ensure a culturally appropriate environment for an intern of either sex.

Intern will eat with the staff and children at the orphanage. Daily meals include meat, vegetables and fruit, all served hygienically.

Jumpah offers a very friendly and supportive environment, much like a very large family. The intern will have unlimited options for developing relationships with adult staff and with children, many speak English.

For the first three months, the intern will be given a language facilitator and one hour per day for more formal language learning.

The intern will be able to go to Phnom Penh, if desired, on at least two weekends per month. Jumpah hopes the intern will want to remain on site the other weekends, to participate in normal daily activities, and to relax, play and interact with Jumpah staff and kids.


Jumpah will provide

- Place / room for intern to live at Jumpah site.

- Bed, mosquito net, some very basic furniture.

- Three meals / day when living and working at Jumpah site.

- Language facilitation (about one hour per day, Monday-Friday) for three months; after that, to be determined.

- A real-life experience that will provide an opportunity to learn about holistic ministry in a third-world country.


Intern will provide

- Hygiene supplies

- Bedding materials (sheet, pillow cases, blanket)

- Snacks

- Proof of medical insurance (including emergency evacuation coverage)

- Laptop computer, if desired

- Phone, if desired

- Clothes

- Cambodian license, if intend to drive a vehicle or motorcycle

- Visa

- All monies necessary for personal trips, weekends in Phnom Penh, etc.


For a Jumpah brochure, download here

For more information on this and other volunteer opportunities through International Ministries, email us or call 1-800-222-3872 ext 2366.