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A Short Trip to Naples

January 31, 2013 Journal
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Wasn't that a great trip to Naples?  Conversations like those we had this morning really fuel my jets! 

You didn't go to Naples, you say?

Oh, yes, you did!  I felt you there! 

Actually, I wasn't "in" Naples either. But, thanks to the good gift of SKYPE, I was able to have a face-to-face chat with two women who have started reaching out to women in the street in Naples.  They found my contact information on the web a couple of weeks ago. 

It is humbling to talk to women like these.  I am by no means an expert on human trafficking and prostitution.  I have just been on this road longer, learning about what brings the women in prostitution to be exploited, what their lives are like in the street, what it takes to build a relationship of trust with them, and what options are available to help them start a new life.  

As usual, I sent the women off with a longer list of questions than of answers:  Who in their area is reaching out already?  What formal services are in place?  What is the local point of entry for Italy's program to help trafficking victims?  And, I told them about someone I know who has spent some time in their area and could talk about the safety issues and potential partners in the area.  (The photo is from a networking meeting in the area a couple of years ago.)

And, we prayed together.  That's when I was knew you were there!  You and I have been praying for a long time for more people to step out of their comfort zones and to see the women in the street as God sees them.  And, our prayers are being answered!

Let's keep praying!  Pray for these two women, who are gathering information and who have been contacted by others in their area who want to accompany them in doing outreach.  Pray for their contacts with local volunteer and social service agencies to be fruitful.  Pray for their safety in an area rampant with organized crime.  Thank you!

Let's hit the road together again soon!

Your missionary,

Debbie Kelsey