International Ministries

Mae Tao Clinic

February 2, 2013 Journal
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The team had an opportunity to visit the Mae Tao Clinic in Mae Sot which is near the border with Myanmar (Burma).  The clinic was founded in 1988 by Dr. Cynthia when she left Burma and came to Thailand.  She is still the director of the clinic which has expanded greatly over the years.  All of us were impressed by how much they do with so little.  It isn't up to the standards we would expect in the United States, but they work with what they have and they accomplish much.

The clinic treats many Burmese who don't have access to good medical treatment across the border.  They receive it free at the clinic.  The Thai population comes there as well, but as citizens of Thailand, they can receive care at the Mae Sot hospital which is nearby.  The clinic is supported by many organizations around the world including US Aid International.  The tour of the clinic included labor and delivery where 3000 babies are born each year.  The eye clinic provides a place to remove cataracts and treat glaucoma.  In the prosthetic workshop, they work hard to provide new limbs to those who have lost them primarily from landmines.  In the outpatient area, they diagnose and treat people with many complaints including malaria, intestinal diseases, etc.

During our tour, we met a young man who is in his last year of medical school in California.  He was at the clinic in Thailand to do a 4 week round of training.  He was pleased with his experience, and he had good things to say about the people he is working with.  Once back in the States, he hopes to open a general practice office, and he believes that mission work is in his future.

It was an eye opening afternoon!  May God Bless these people who work so hard to provide medical care to those who need it most!!