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A Beauty of a Day

February 27, 2013 Journal
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The Mexicali Seminary has never been known for its beauty; that is until February 23rd.  That is the day when 250 youth and young adults from all corners of north Baja descended upon the Seminary.  They came to serve the Seminary and the surrounding community through a day-long event, planned, organized and carried out by the youth themselves.  Free medical consultations were offered to the community along with no-cost haircuts, and Seminary neighbors brought in a host of dogs for the veterinarian services being offered. 

The youth divided up into teams, some painting buildings, benches, railings; others beautified the campus with wall murals; another team moved dirt, pruned trees and cleaned up the grounds; still others  gathered children in nearby parks for clown ministry and games, while five teams spread out on visitation ministry in nearby barrios.  The day closed with a concert led by youth worship teams and Tim had the privilege of bringing the message. 

 A reminder of the beauty of the day was left on three walls, murals painted by one of the youth teams under the direction of Brenda, a volunteer artist from First Baptist Chula Vista.  The patio wall was transformed into a huge salt water aquarium; the children now have their own mariachi cacti to watch over them at the playground; even the wall between the new dorms has come to life.  We’re reminded that indeed ‘How beautiful are the feet of those who bring good news!’ (Romans 10:15) and the fact that the good news of Christ, when testified to in all of its depth and dimension, evokes a beauty that lingers on and remains.