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More Than a Building; Growing a Vision

March 14, 2013 Journal
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January through March has been an exciting time for the Theological School of La Paz as it hired a full time director and continued with a second semester of full time classes—both milestones for this tiny, yet growing theological center.  Pastor Hernando Gonzalez is our Director.  Three-quarters of his support is provided through specific gifts from American Baptist Churches and one-quarter through the Regional Baptist Convention of Southern Baja.  The faculty is comprised of Baptist pastors, ABC missionary David Reed, TEAM missionaries Martin & Susie Gonzalez, and Canadian missionary Jorge Salazar.


Presently there are 18 students.  One is full-time, 3 are part-time, and the rest are participating in evening classes offered 2 nights a week.  The students represent seven different congregations in La Paz.  Classes being taught this semester are English 2, Christian Doctrines 2, Old Testament 3, Exegesis 1, Evangelical Sects, Spiritual Gifts, and Youth Ministry.  Missionary David Reed is teaching 3 of these classes.  He is very excited about the Youth Ministry class which is meeting in the evenings and has 8 students from four different churches.  This is his third time to teach this class.  There is a growing interest in youth ministry in Baja Sur and one student is expressing interest in becoming a Youth Pastor.


After almost a year of trying to obtain architectural plans, building permits, and permission from city officials, David and Hernando were finally able to meet with an engineer this past week who will draw up plans for the second story, and thus move this phase of the construction forward.  A mission group from Colorado is coming in late May to continue construction on the second story.


In addition to being used as a Theological School, the building is also used by a new church on Friday evenings and Sunday mornings.  To give the location more exposure with local congregations, the school will also host workshops over the coming months addressing topics such as Christian Education and Biblical Interpretation.  Another idea being brainstormed is transforming part of the property into a coffee shop/youth center specifically targeting junior high through college kids.


Two weeks ago David organized a gathering at the school to present Student Ministries’ Pastor Phil Peterson from Crossroads Bible Church in Bellevue, WA.  Two members of his church, Brian & Susan Key, attend Crossroads, our ministry to English speaking people in La Paz.  Brian and Susan have been very active in local mission projects with Crossroads and the TEAM missionaries, and wanted to see if their home church would send more resources and support to ministry in La Paz.  David invited local Baptist pastors and other missionaries to meet with Phil and to share their response to this question:  “How do we see God at work in Baja South?”  It resulted in deep fellowship as stories of the movement of God were shared!  We continue to be amazed at how God builds bridges between Mexicans, Americans, & Canadians in La Paz.


Thank you for your support on behalf of The Theological School of La Paz.  God’s Word is being taught, future leaders are being trained, and new visions are unfolding.  We need a solid base of Biblically trained men & women to respond to ministry opportunities in Southern Baja.  Your prayers are an integral part of God’s Kingdom work in La Paz!

Serving Jesus in Mexico,
David and Joyce Reed