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Riding Against Traffic!

March 19, 2013 Journal
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I am beginning to think summer, and, even if you don't live where snow is a daily occurrence in the winter, you might be looking forward to summer, too! 

My friend and mission partner Garrett Zambrows is definitely thinking summer.  He finishes his film studies at Purdue University in May.  But, rather than celebrate by spending the summer as a beach bum, Garrett is celebrating by riding his bicycle all the way across the U.S. to raise awareness of and support for anti-trafficking work and CASA for Kids.  A large portion of the funds Garrett raises will go toward the anti-trafficking mission work done by me and IM colleague, Mylinda Baits, who works with Ibero-America. 

Garrett's ride, called "Riding in Traffic", is a unique opportunity for you and/or your church to grab your community's attention for this topic.  Believe me:  Young People Are Passionate about This!  Call the newspaper and schedule an interview with Garrett if nothing else!  Get him scheduled at whatever camp might be going on in your area!  This is your chance to do something "out of the box", just as Garrett is doing!  He is also looking for people to ride along with him when he passes through. 

Attached is Garrett's itinerary for his Eastern Route, which covers Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, Ohio, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and part of Indiana.  The itinerary shows which day he hopes to be in each place.  We are looking for places for Garrett to speak, to stay overnight and shower and get a meal. 

Please check this out and let me know if there is a stop on his itinerary for which you would like to be responsible.  Needless to say, this journey is a HUGE undertaking, but, together, we can give Garrett the platform for advocacy that his endeavor so rightly deserves.  Email me at

Stay tuned if you're in state to the west of this route.  More information on later in the summer is coming soon!