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Your Prayers were Answered!

April 21, 2013 Journal
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"We want to learn how to help the precious people we meet from your country!" 

Like this woman's heart, all the hearts of the people who came to the European Baptist Federation Anti-trafficking Network meeting in Sabadell, Spain, April 5-7 were open to learn from brothers and sisters who shared what makes people in their home countries (countries of origin for human trafficking) vulnerable to trafficking.  Your prayers were answered! 

Fifty people from 19 countries came to be challenged and encouraged to consider being, begin being, or continue being a "Co-laborer with God" in the fight against human trafficking in Europe. 

Thanks to your prayers and financial donations, a spirit of cooperation and a passion for those who are exploited and at risk of exploitation led to the strengthening of old partnerships and the fostering of new partnerships which will bring forth good fruit in the long-term!  Particularly important was the participation of a representative from Romanian Baptist life, a Ukrainian representative of a program that helps orphans, a Bulgarian representative who works with Roma people, and a Nigerian panel.  For the first time, a special session was held in which men discussed among themselves their unique perspective and unique contribution to anti-trafficking work. 

Many new faces were in the crowd, and it was a blessing to know that God continues to call people to trafficking prevention and helping victims of trafficking. 

Personally, I thank you for holding me up in prayer as I covered the "un-missionary" tasks like being sure everyone had directions from the airport onto two trains and a bus to reach the hotel.  Not one sheep was lost along the way!   We were blessed by our Spanish Baptist hosts' hospitality and good care, as well. 

This conference was just the first stop of my April trip to Spain and Italy.  More later on the next step of that long adventure! 

Your missionary,

Debbie Kelsey